36 Games Like Pixel Dungeon on PC & Mobile

Ahoy, Pixel Dungeon enthusiasts! Tired of conquering the same dungeon over and over again? Fear not, because we’ve got a treat for you! It’s time to branch out and explore new horizons in the world of mobile gaming. And don’t worry, we’ve got just the right games to keep you entertained, with similar vibes to your beloved Pixel Dungeon. Get ready to embark on new adventures, put your skills to the test, and have a blast! From survival to adventure and everything in between, this list has something for everyone who loves a good challenge. So grab your swashbuckling gear and let’s get started! Games Like Pixel Dungeon

What is Pixel Dungeon?

Welcome to the world of Pixel Dungeon! For those unfamiliar, Pixel Dungeon is a classic survival RPG that takes you on a journey through randomly generated dungeons, where you’ll battle monsters, gather resources, and try to make it out alive. With permadeath as a staple of the game, every step you take is a risk, but that’s what makes Pixel Dungeon such a beloved classic among gamers.


But what if you’re looking for more of the same heart-pounding, retro-inspired adventure? Fear not! This blog post will introduce you to a whole world of games like Pixel Dungeon that are sure to impress. From survival games to adventure and beyond, these games offer the same pulse-pounding action and challenging gameplay that you love about Pixel Dungeon. So sit back, relax, and get ready for a journey through the world of retro-inspired, roguevania gaming!


1. Shattered Pixel Dungeon

shattered pixel dungeon
Platforms: Android, Windows, Linux, macOS
Shattered Pixel Dungeon is another popular survival game that is a fork of the original Pixel Dungeon game. Like Pixel Dungeon, it is a challenging and addictive game that puts players in the shoes of a brave adventurer as they navigate through randomly generated dungeons lurking with danger.
One of the key differences between Shattered Pixel Dungeon and the original Pixel Dungeon is that it features a wider variety of classes and characters to play as, each with their own unique abilities and strengths. The game also features new weapons, armour, and items to collect, as well as new types of enemies to defeat.
Despite these additions and changes, Shattered Pixel Dungeon retains the core gameplay mechanics that made the original Pixel Dungeon such a hit with fans. The game is still a fast-paced, turn-based adventure escapade that requires quick thinking and strategic decision-making. With its randomly generated dungeons, permadeath mode, and challenging style, It is definitely a must-play for any fan of the original Pixel Dungeon game.

Games Like Pixel Dungeon

2. Yet Another Pixel Dungeon

Platforms: Android
Hey there, adventurer! Are you ready for another round in the world of Pixel Dungeon? Say hello to Yet Another Pixel Dungeon! This exciting new game is packed with all the classic elements you love about Pixel Dungeon, plus a few new twists to keep things fresh. You’ll still be exploring randomly generated dungeons, battling monsters, and gathering resources, but with new weapons, enemies, and items to discover.
So, are you up for the challenge? Get ready to put your survival skills to the test and immerse yourself in a world of retro pixel graphics and pulse-pounding adventure. It’s time to grab your sword, sharpen your senses, and dive into the pixelated frenzy!

Games Like Pixel Dungeon

3. Green Project

green project pixel game
Platforms: Android, Windows
As the survivor, you must use your wits to stay alive in this dangerous new world. Hunt for food, ward off predators and gather resources to survive.
But it’s not just about surviving, you’ll also have access to a crafting system that lets you create new items and weapons to aid you in your journey. You’ll need to be smart about managing your resources, including keeping your hunger meter filled, if you want to make it through.
Green Project is a must-play if you’re a survival game fan. With its unique gameplay, stunning pixel graphics, and challenging obstacles, you’ll need to sharpen your decision-making and tactical skills if you want to come out on top. So strap in, it’s going to be a wild ride!

4. Terraria

terraria game
Source: PocketGamer
Platforms: Android, Windows, Linux, Consoles
Strap in for an adventure with Terraria, coming in at number 3! This classic sandbox game takes everything you love from Pixel Dungeon and ramps it up to the next level. You’ll be transported to a vast, randomly generated world of excitement and danger.
Like Pixel Dungeon, Terraria features a vastly detailed open world with true-to-life characters, plus an even wider room for exploration and productivity. You can dig deep into the earth to find rare treasures, build massive bases, and take on fierce bosses.
Although Terraria may have some differences from Pixel Dungeon, it still holds onto the core elements that make the classic game so great. Its pixel art graphics, permadeath feature, and challenging gameplay make it a must-play for fans of the original. Whether you’re looking for more of the same or a new twist on the classic game, Terraria is the perfect pick.

Games Like Pixel Dungeon

5. Caves (Roguelike)

Platforms: Android
Get ready for an exciting journey through the dark and creepy underworld, where danger awaits you at every turn. You’ll have to face off against scary skeletons and other monsters as you venture deeper into the depths.
Along the way, you’ll be able to add new recruits to join you, each with their own special abilities. But just remember, death is a real possibility in this harsh world, so be careful not to make any mistakes. Unless you enjoy starting over from scratch.
Aside from that, despite its simple graphics, this game remains a true classic in the survival genre. It’s easy to play, with all crucial elements of the roguevania class untouched and seamlessly integrated for an unforgettable experience. So, abandon those “strictly AAA, and nothing else!” pipe dreams and get on the brainstorming ride. We’re waiting for you!

6. The Island Castaway

Platforms: Android, Windows
The Island Castaway is a thrilling adventure game that follows your journey as a castaway on a mysterious island. Stranded with limited resources and no way to escape, you are left with nothing other than the will to survive. From exploring the island’s dense jungles to fishing in its waters, you must do everything in your power to unravel the mysteries of the island and find a way back home.
While the game is not so similar to Pixel Dungeon in terms of their genre, it still draws much from the original. The Island Castaway features a rich and immersive story, with diverse characters, challenging puzzles, and unexpected twists sure to keep you engaged throughout your journey.
Additionally, the game’s beautiful graphics, soothing music, and absorbing plot perfectly provide the best mobile experience for all adventure lovers. Ultimately, this game offers a perfect blend of survival, adventure, and puzzle-solving taste to its genre.

Games Like Pixel Dungeon

7. 1quest

Platforms: Android
Embark on a daring adventure in 1quest, where you play as a young hero tasked with saving his homeland from the clutches of an evil cult. With just seven days to spare, you find your way through the perilous and dark dungeons of the underworld.
Customize your hero by selecting from five available races and choosing a class that suits your playstyle. Will you be a fierce warrior or a cunning rogue? The choice is yours! Your hero will grow stronger with every encounter, acquiring new abilities and powers that will help you overcome the challenges ahead.
So, get ready to dive into a world of retro graphics that is guaranteed to bring back memories. With smooth controls and sound character development, 1quest is an action-packed journey that you won’t want to miss. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or a newcomer to the genre, you’re sure to have a thrilling experience as you work your way through the spooky underbellies of the deepest, freeing captive children and defeating the chief sorcerer. So grab your sword, sharpen your wits, and get ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime in 1quest!

8. Legend of Grimrock

Platforms: Android, Windows, Linux, macOS, IOS
Hey, there adventurer! Are you ready to take on the treacherous dungeons of Mount Grimrock? In this dungeon-crawling RPG, you play as a group of prisoners sentenced to certain death by being exiled to the secluded mountain. But little do your captors know, the mountain is filled with ancient tunnels, dungeons, and tombs waiting to be explored.
With a mix of old-school challenges and modern execution, you’ll need to use your wits, perception, and tactical skills to survive. Battle against deadly monsters, solve puzzles and explore the vast network of tunnels to uncover the secrets of Mount Grimrock. And if you’re feeling extra brave, turn on the Oldschool Mode for an extra challenge.
Customize your party of four characters with different races, classes, skills, and traits. Cast spells with runes, craft potions with herbs, and use a variety of weapons to defeat monsters. With grid-based movement, you’ll find yourself facing hidden switches, deadly traps, and more.
This game is a true labour of love, created by passionate game industry veterans. And now, it’s available for a big-screen experience on your iPad! So what are you waiting for? Grab your sword, pack some supplies, and let’s go rocking!

Games Like Pixel Dungeon

9. One Way Heroics

Platforms: Windows
Step into the shoes of a daring adventurer tasked with saving his world from the clutches of a Demon Lord. Run to the right, as darkness creeps in from the left, fighting monsters, making allies, and meeting new people along the way.
But the adventure doesn’t stop there! With an almost limitless number of worlds to explore and (maybe) conquer, you’ll never run out of things to do. Choose from multiple classes and talents while devising foolproof strategies to take on the fittest.
Don’t waste your hard-earned treasures on trivial upgrades, instead, save them as you never know when you’ll need them the most. If things get difficult, take a break and restrategize your next move. Plus with Steam goodies like trading cards, emoticons, and wallpapers, becoming bored is unlikely.
Additionally, no two worlds are alike, each with its unique twist. Meet new heroes, forge alliances, or face the unknown solo. Want to revisit a world you loved? Simply input the name and One Way Heroics will take you there. Feeling lucky? Type in any word that comes to mind and watch as a brand new world is crafted just for you.
The possibilities are (almost) endless in this game. Infinite worlds, infinite permutations, and infinite adventure await!

10. Ailment: Dead Space Standoff

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Platforms: Android, Windows, macOS, IOS
Ailment: Dead Space Standoff is a must-play for anyone who’s looking for an action-packed sci-fi shooting game with an engaging and interesting story. Starting, you wake up on a spaceship in a far-off galaxy, with all of your crew turned into mindless creatures and no memory of what happened. With a huge arsenal of pixel weaponry at your fingertips, you’ll fight through hordes of infected zombies and discover the mystery behind the mystifying outbreak.
As you battle through this sci-fi horror adventure, you’ll encounter liveable and talkative characters with funny jokes and good humour to break up the dark atmosphere. And if you’re up for a challenge, you can test your skills in the PVP multiplayer mode. With atmospheric music and sound effects, brutal animations, and hardcore boss fights, you’ll be glued to your screen for hours. Best of all, you can play it anywhere, offline and without an internet connection. So if you’re a fan of the action-shooter genre, don’t hesitate – get the game on PlayStore below!

Games Like Pixel Dungeon

11. Dead Cells

Platforms: Android, Windows, macOS, IOS, Consloes
Are you ready to be thrown into a world of non-stop action and fierce battles? Welcome to Dead Cells, where your gaming experience will never be the same. With a blend of challenging combat, rogue-like elements, and hauntingly beautiful graphics, this game is a true masterpiece.
As usual, you assume the role of the protagonist who finds himself stranded on a desolated island after a failed alchemic experiment. It’s “kill” or “be killed” as you face wave upon wave of fierce combat and push your limits to come out on top. Every death brings new lessons, and every victory brings you closer to your ultimate goal of escaping the island alive. So sharpen your guts and get ready for the ultimate test of survival. The question is, do you have what it takes? If yes, then hop on the ride! And if otherwise, just keep scrolling.

12. Rogue Hearts

Platforms: Android, IOS
We’ve all witnessed various kinds of styles, like the “Gangnam Style”, “Vintage style”, “Mona Lisa… Okay! Jokes apart.
Are you ready for an epic adventure that will have your heart racing and your thumbs sweating? Then buckle up, because Rogue Hearts is the game for you! You’ll embark on a journey unlike any other as you navigate through a dark and dangerous world filled with challenges, twists, and turnarounds.
With every step, you’ll be faced with new obstacles and monsters that will test your skills and dexterity. But don’t let that stop you! The prize at the end of this perilous path is all worth the risk. With a variety of weapons and spells at your disposal, you’ll feel like an unstoppable force as you defeat each foe and uncover the secrets of this mysterious realm.
And, if you’re feeling more daring, you can take on the ultimate test and challenge yourself in the intense rogue mode. But, be warned, one false step could mean the end of your journey. So, are you up for the challenge? If not, just keep scrolling as before.

Games Like Pixel Dungeon

13. DEAD RAIN 2: Tree Virus

Platforms: Android
¡Hola! Trust me, you never saw this one coming. Simply put, Dead Rain 2 is a nucleus & slash side-scrolling Action RPG survival game set in the hell of times. Remember those zombie myths grandsis used to tell us? Well, it was never a myth man! The apocalypse is dam-real!
Seriously, the world has been overtaken by a gruesome outbreak that has reshaped life as we know it. Now, all that remains is me, you and some other young lads that would die anyways. But, I don’t wanna die, do you? Sure you don’t. So, it’s hard-time we escape this nightmare of a thing and maybe hope for a brighter tomorrow hereafter. [Not like I sense one anyways].
So, buckle up, tighten those half-torn belts, grab a pipe and let’s embrace our fate!
“Hope I last longer than you do… Just kidding.”

14. Marooned

Platforms: Android
Ready for the ultimate test of survival? Get ready to step into the shoes of Ed, an unlucky young lad who finds himself stranded in the worst of places. In Marooned, you’ll embark on an adventure through the dangerous jungles of Thailand, the treacherous islands of the Philippines, and the merciless plains of Africa.
With no tools, no clothes, no food, no water and not even a knife, you’ll need to improvise and use your wits to find food, water, and shelter. But be warned, every decision counts and one wrong move could be the end of the line for you.
So, do you still think you’ve got what it takes to survive the toughest of times? Play Marooned and find out!

Games Like Pixel Dungeon

15. The Wild Darkness

Platforms: Android
Step into the darkness and let your senses guide you on a journey of survival and adventure. The Wild Darkness is a game that will test your skills and determination as you navigate through a dangerous and unforgiving wilderness.
As you journey through the game, you’ll encounter a variety of obstacles and challenges that you must overcome to survive. From hunting for food and building shelter to fending off predators and avoiding traps, you’ll need to use all of your wits and abilities to survive. The game features realistic graphics, atmospheric sound effects and a deep and engaging story that will keep you on the edge of your seat.
The Wild Darkness is a game that will take you on a thrilling journey through the wilderness, where every step is a test of your survival skills. It’s a game that will push you to your limits, and one that will leave you feeling victorious and alive. So, gear up and get ready to face the darkness, and see if you have what it takes to survive.

16. Lone Survivor

Platforms: Windows, Linux, macOS, Consoles
Lone Survivor is a psychological horror game that will take you on a nail-biting journey through a post-apocalyptic world. You play as the lone survivor of a mysterious outbreak that has decimated humanity, and your only goal is to survive. The game is played from a 2D side-scrolling perspective and features a distinct pixel art style.
As you explore the abandoned streets and buildings, you’ll have to scavenge for food and supplies to stay alive. But be careful, as the world is filled with terrifying creatures that will stop at nothing to kill you. To survive, you’ll have to use stealth, cunning, and quick thinking to outsmart your enemies.
The game’s story is revealed through various in-game documents and clues, and as you uncover the truth about the outbreak, you’ll be faced with difficult moral dilemmas that will test your resolve. The game’s soundtrack and sound effects are highly praised and they add to the eerie atmosphere of the game.
Lone Survivor is a game that will keep you on the edge of your seat as you struggle to survive in a world that’s out to get you. It’s a game that will make you question your own morality and test your nerves. It’s a game that will leave you feeling paranoid and scared, but it’s a game that you won’t be able to put down.

Games Like Pixel Dungeon

17. Undertale

Platforms: Windows, Linux, OS X, Consoles
Undertale is a unique role-playing game that takes you on a journey through a whimsical and mysterious world. In this game, you play as a human who has fallen into the Underground, a land filled with monsters. As you explore the Underground and interact with its inhabitants, you will be faced with challenging moral decisions that will affect the outcome of your journey. The game features a charming pixelated art style, a touching musical score, and a compelling narrative that is both humorous and thought-provoking. Through its masterful storytelling, Undertale explores complex themes such as love, friendship, and the true nature of humanity. Whether you’re a seasoned RPG player or a newcomer to the genre, Undertale is a game that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

18. Elemental Dungeon

Platforms: Android
Prepare for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure in Elemental Dungeon, a free action RPG with roguelike features and amazing pixel art graphics. You’ll explore randomised dungeons, cast tremendous spells by combining elements, and battle hordes of monsters in this game. It’s time to show off your skills and defeat your enemies in this challenging game.
You’ll play as one of three unique classes – Mage, Hunter, or Ronin – and use the environment to your advantage. Burn grass, freeze puddles, and blow up barrels to gain an edge in combat.
Not only will you be able to challenge yourself, but you can also take on the dungeons with your friends in the multiplayer mode. Explore the dungeons together or go head-to-head in an epic brawl. The choice is yours!

Games Like Pixel Dungeon

19. OneBit

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Platforms: Android, Windows, macOS
OneBit is a simple and entertaining arcade-style game. The objective of the game is to navigate a square block through a series of obstacles and collect coins along the way. Players use a single button to switch the direction of the block, causing it to either move up or down. The game features a clean and minimalistic design, with a colour palette that is easy on the eyes. The difficulty level of the game gradually increases as the player progresses, providing a challenge for players of all skill levels. With its addictive gameplay and simple controls, Onebit is a fun and enjoyable game that is one to definite try out if you’re a roguevania fan.

20. Minecraft

Platforms: Android, Windows, macOS, IOS, Consloes
Minecraft is an iconic masterpiece that has taken the gaming world by storm. With over 200 million copies sold, it’s no surprise that this sandbox game is one of the most popular games in its genre. What sets Minecraft apart is its unique blend of creativity and survival.
At its core, Minecraft is a game about exploration and creation. Players can explore a vast and randomly generated world, gathering resources and using them to craft a variety of items and structures. The game allows players to let their imagination run wild, as they build whatever they desire, from simple houses to sprawling cities.
Despite not being a roguevania game, Minecraft retains one of the core concepts of the genre – survival. Players must gather resources, fend off hostile mobs, and manage their hunger and health to survive in its dangerous and unforgiving world. The game’s survival elements add an extra layer of challenge and excitement to the already captivating gameplay.
To summarize, Minecraft is a timeless classic that continues to attract and inspire gamers of all ages. It remains the go-to game for survival, innovative, and adventure gaming enthusiasts due to its boundless inventiveness and fun-filled survival concept.

Games Like Pixel Dungeon

21. Ananias Mobile Roguelike

Platforms: Android, Windows, macOS, Linux
Ananias Mobile Roguelike is a game that’s all about exploring dungeons, battling enemies, and searching for loot. It’s a game that’s designed to challenge you, and test your mettle, but also to reward you for your efforts. It’s a game that’s built for those who love a good old-fashioned dungeon crawl, and it’s sure to keep you entertained for hours on end.
The game is set in a classic roguelike style, which means that each time you play, the dungeon is procedurally generated, so you’ll never have the same experience twice. It also means that death is permanent, so you’ll have to be extra careful as you explore. But that’s all part of the challenge, and what makes the game so darn exciting!
As you play Ananias, you’ll be able to level up, earn new abilities, and discover better gear. You’ll battle your way through hordes of enemies, and use your wits and skills to survive. The game is tough but fair, and it will test you every step of the way.
So, if you’re looking for a game that will make you feel like a true hero, look no further than Ananias Mobile Roguelike. It’s a game that’s sure to keep you on the edge of your seat and leave you feeling like you’ve just had one heck of an adventure. Get ready to test your mettle and see if you’ve got what it takes!

22. Dread Rune

Platforms: Android
Dread Rune is a perfect hybrid of the roguevania, survival and hack & slash genre, all in 3D! Imagine making your way through a mysterious and ever-changing dungeon, battling hordes of monsters and avoiding traps along the way. Your ultimate goal is to reach the final level and defeat the evil boss that awaits.
The controls in Dread Rune are designed for touchscreens, making it easy for you to move your character with your left thumb and carry out other actions with your right. You can attack with a simple tap on the right side of the screen, and access your inventory or use special abilities with just a few buttons.
One of the best things about Dread Rune is that no two games are ever the same. The dungeons, monsters, and traps are procedurally generated, so you’re always in for a new experience. And that’s not all – the weapons and equipment you find will also vary each time you play. So, in one game, you can be wielding swords and spears, while in another, you might just end up fleeing unrelentless waves of fireballs and nasty spells from attackers.
In conclusion, if you love action, then get “in-action!”

Games Like Pixel Dungeon

23. Pocket Rogues

Platforms: Android, Windows
Pocket Rogues – where adventure, action and strategy collide! Get ready to enter a dynamic, old-school world filled with monsters, unique loot, and randomly generated dungeons. Put your shooting skills to the test as you fight through hordes of enemies, explore unique locations and develop your own fortress and heroes.
Take on the challenge of real-time battles and immerse yourself in a world of research, environment and unusual techniques. With dozens of dungeons waiting to be explored, you’ll never run out of places to go and monsters to defeat. And with multiple hero classes to choose from, each with their own unique skills and equipment, you’ll never get bored.
Think you have what it takes to become a legendary adventurer? Join the ranks of those brave souls who’ve dared to enter the dark dungeon, where secrets and treasures await. With fast-paced, real-time gameplay and an elaborate combat system that tests your skills, Pocket Rogues is the ultimate test for any hardcore player.
So why not join the adventure? Build and improve your fortress, discover unique locations filled with interactive objects, traps, and enemies, and experience the thrill of the unknown with every new descent into the dungeon. With regular updates and a strong connection to the community, Pocket Rogues promises endless hours of fun.

24. Space Grunts 2

Platforms: Android, Windows, macOS, Linux, IOS
Space Grunts 2 is a turn-based sci-fi dungeon-crawling survival game where players control a team of space grunts as they navigate through a series of procedurally generated levels filled with dangerous enemies and challenging obstacles. The goal is to reach the end of each level and collect valuable resources and upgrades for your team along the way.
With intuitive controls, players can easily manage their team’s movements and abilities as they make their way through the challenging levels. The game features an array of weapons and tools to help players overcome obstacles and defeat enemies, and each playthrough offers a unique experience as the levels are randomly generated.
Space Grunts 2 is a fun and challenging game that is perfect for anyone who loves turn-based strategy games set in a sci-fi universe. So grab your team and get ready to explore the depths of space!

Games Like Pixel Dungeon

25. Quest of Dungeons

Platforms: Android, Windows, macOS, Linux, IOS, Consoles
Quest of Dungeons is an epic adventure waiting to be discovered by daring gamers everywhere! This challenging turn-based RPG takes you on a journey through a procedurally generated dungeon filled with dangerous monsters, hidden treasures, and unpredictable twists.
As you descend deeper into the dungeon, you’ll face a variety of obstacles, from deadly traps to powerful bosses, all of which you must overcome in order to reach the final boss and save the world from darkness. With a variety of weapons, spells, and special abilities at your disposal, you’ll need to use your skills and strategy to outwit your enemies and uncover the secrets of the dungeon.
But be warned, death is permanent in Quest of Dungeons, so you must make every move count. Each playthrough is unique, with randomly generated dungeons, weapons, and enemies, ensuring that no two adventures are ever the same.
So, if you’re looking for a thrilling, challenging, and immersive RPG experience, then look no further than Quest of Dungeons! With its addictive gameplay, stunning visuals, and pulse-pounding battles, this is a game that you won’t be able to easily put down.

26. Meganoid

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Platforms: Android, Windows, macOS, Linux
Meganoid is a classic platformer with a modern twist. Get ready for a challenging adventure as you navigate through treacherous levels filled with obstacles, enemies, and bosses. You play as a brave hero on a quest to save the world from evil forces.
With its retro-style graphics, Meganoid offers a nostalgic gaming experience that will take you back to the good old days of arcade gaming. The game is set in a pixelated world that is filled with danger at every turn. From fire-breathing dragons to giant spiders, you’ll face off against all sorts of enemies as you make your way through the levels.
But don’t worry, you won’t be alone on your quest. With its intuitive controls, Meganoid allows you to effortlessly jump, run, and shoot your way through the levels. Whether you’re a seasoned platformer fan or a newcomer to the genre, you’ll find that the game is easy to pick up and play.
So, are you ready to join the quest? Download Meganoid today and discover the ultimate platforming challenge.

Games Like Pixel Dungeon

27. Ashworld

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Platforms: Android, Windows, macOS, Linux
Enter the post-apocalyptic world of Ashworld, where danger lurks at every turn and survival is a scarce outcome. Immerse yourself in a beautifully crafted, low-poly world filled with treacherous landscapes, mutated creatures, and scarce resources. As you navigate through the ruins of civilization, you’ll have to make strategic decisions to overcome challenges and stay alive.
With intuitive touch controls, you can effortlessly jump, run, and battle your way through the harsh environment. Every level is procedurally generated, ensuring that your journey will be unique every time. You’ll need to scavenge for weapons and supplies, and craft powerful items to increase your chances of survival.
In this world, there are no second chances. Death is permanent, so every move you make is crucial. The environment is constantly changing, and you’ll have to adapt quickly to overcome the unpredictable obstacles that lie ahead.
From the hauntingly beautiful music to the stunning, atmospheric graphics, Ashworld is a timeless experience. So grab your trusty weapon, and be ready to fight for survival in this roguelike special.

28. Crypt of the NecroDancer

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Platforms: Android, Windows, macOS, Linux, IOS, Consoles
Step into the rhythmic world of Crypt of the NecroDancer and let the beat guide your moves! This unique blend of rogue-like and rhythm game will test your skills as you battle your way through procedurally generated dungeons filled with undead enemies. With every move and attack set to the beat of the music, you’ll need to stay in rhythm to survive.
But don’t be fooled, Crypt of the NecroDancer is no ordinary dungeon crawler. The challenge lies not only in your fighting abilities but also in your ability to keep up with the music. Each level brings its own set of beats and obstacles, so stay on your toes and don’t miss a step.
Customize your character with a variety of weapons and upgrades to suit your playstyle. And when you’re ready for an even bigger challenge, test your skills in daily runs or go head-to-head with other players in the Battle mode.
Get ready to dance with the dead in Crypt of the NecroDancer, where every step is a beat and every beat is a step closer to glory!

Games Like Pixel Dungeon

29. Darkest Dungeon

Platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux, IOS, Consoles
Darkest Dungeon is a game that’ll take you on a journey through the depths of madness and despair. With stunningly atmospheric visuals, a haunting soundtrack, and challenging gameplay, you’ll embark on a perilous adventure through twisted and dangerous dungeons. Your goal is to lead a team of flawed heroes through the trials and tribulations of the dungeon and fight against the forces of darkness that lurk within. Every step you take will bring you closer to the brink of madness, and you’ll need to balance your heroes’ health and sanity to ensure their survival. With procedurally generated dungeons and a deep tactical combat system, Darkest Dungeon is a game that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end. Are you ready to venture into the depths of the darkest and face your fears head-on? Only time will tell.

30. Sir Questionnaire

Platforms: Android, Windows, macOS, Linux, IOS
Step into the daring and thrilling world of Sir Questionnaire, where adventure awaits at every turn! This turn-based hack-and-slash game takes you on a journey through a mysterious dungeon filled with danger, loot, and creatures beyond your wildest imagination.
With every room you enter, the choices you make will determine your fate. Will you choose wisely and survive each challenge, or will you fall to the monsters that lurk within the dungeon? The more you explore, the more loot you’ll collect, making you stronger and better equipped to face even tougher monsters.
Document your journey by taking pictures and building a codex of all the unique entities you encounter. Tackle quests of varying difficulty levels, each offering a reward to aid you in your next adventure. And as you delve deeper into the dungeon, uncover secrets and hidden areas by mastering the weaknesses of the monsters and finding new and innovative uses for the items you find.
So what are you waiting for? Grab your sword and get ready for an epic adventure in Sir Questionnaire!

Games Like Pixel Dungeon

31. Residual

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Platforms: Windows, Consoles
Enter the world of Residual, where imagination and reality collide in a hauntingly beautiful journey. In this atmospheric adventure game, you play as a lost soul navigating through a surreal, dream-like environment. Every step you take uncovers a piece of the puzzle, leading you closer to uncovering the truth behind the mysterious world you find yourself in.
From hauntingly beautiful landscapes to mysterious creatures, each encounter brings new challenges and clues. Use your wits and quick thinking to solve puzzles, overcome obstacles, and unlock secrets.
In Residual, every playthrough is unique, with procedurally generated levels and randomized events that keep the mystery alive. Immerse yourself in the dream-like atmosphere, complete with stunning graphics and hauntingly beautiful soundscapes that will leave you captivated. Are you ready to embark on this journey of self-discovery?

32. Dungeon Faster

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Platforms: Windows, Android
Are you ready for the ultimate test of speed and skill? Get ready to enter the fast-paced world of Dungeon Faster! Explore randomly generated dungeons filled with treasure, traps, and deadly creatures. Battle your way through each level with lightning-fast reflexes, mastering the combat system and unlocking powerful abilities along the way. But be warned – the clock is ticking and every moment counts. The faster you complete each level, the better the rewards. Can you claim the title of Dungeon Faster champion and emerge victorious? The adventure awaits – grab your sword and let’s go!

33. Moonshades

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS
Embark on an epic journey through the gothic realm of Moonshades, where demons and darkness reign supreme. You are the hero tasked with restoring glory to this forgotten kingdom, and vanquishing the evil that plagues it. With 13 classes to choose from, you’ll equip yourself for battle and face off against dark knights and fearsome beasts.
Discover the best tactics to take down your enemies, upgrade weapons and armor, and level up your gear to stay alive. With real-time turn-based combat and intuitive controls, you’ll be fully immersed in this world of magic and mystery.
Harness the power of the elements to heal yourself, forge new weapons and armor in the Magic Forge, and take on the biggest challenges this world has to offer. Play online or offline, wherever and whenever you like.
Join the cult following of Moonshades, a modern twist on classic RPGs like Dungeon Siege, Elder Scrolls, and Might & Magic. Complete quests, solve puzzles, and delve into a captivating story filled with action, magic, and myth. Get ready to enter the world of Moonshades!

Games Like Pixel Dungeon

34. Hack, Slash, Loot

Platforms: Android, Windows, macOS, Linux, IOS
Brave adventurer, are you ready to delve into the unknown and unravel the mysteries of the underworld? The critically acclaimed dungeon crawler, Hack, Slash, Loot, has finally arrived on Android devices!
Step into the shoes of a fearless hero and embark on a thrilling journey through treacherous dungeons filled with danger, foreboding, and untold riches. Battle fierce monsters and collect valuable treasures as you navigate your way through randomly generated dungeons.
With thousands of unique items, monsters, and dungeon features, every play-through is a fresh new adventure. Easy-to-master controls make it accessible for all, but with enough depth to keep even the most seasoned adventurer challenged.
Are you ready to hack, slash, and loot your way to glory? The adventure awaits!

35. Pathos: Nethack Codex

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Platforms: Android, IOS
Are you ready for an epic adventure unlike any other? Get ready to strap on your boots and delve deep into the dungeon with Pathos! This thrilling roguelike game takes inspiration from the classic rule set of Nethack and adds its own unique twists to create a journey you’ll never forget.
With 13 exciting classes to choose from, you’ll have the chance to play as a fearless warrior, cunning rogue, or powerful wizard, among others. Each class offers a unique set of skills and abilities, allowing you to tailor your playstyle to your liking.
As you venture deeper into the dungeon, you’ll face deadly traps, fierce monsters, and other perils at every turn. But with each challenge comes a reward, as you’ll have the chance to gather powerful weapons, uncover ancient artefacts, and increase your skills and abilities.
And that’s not all! Your ultimate goal in Pathos is to descend to the depths of hell and defeat your nemesis. But be warned, this is no easy task. You’ll need all your cunning, strength, and quick thinking to make it out alive with all the loot you can carry.
So, are you ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime? Get ready to grab your sword, sharpen your wits, and face your fate head-on! Do you have what it takes? Time will tell…

36. J2ME Loader

PC Alternative: KEmulator
Just as the long-old saying goes: “The bests are reserved for the last!”
Now, this is something you never expected to see in a list like this. J2ME Loader is not really a mobile game but is more like a game emulator. Let me explain…
Do you remember the good-old Java days? Well, if you’re old enough I’m sure you do. It’s evident that the pixel gaming age was at its prime at that period and there were thousands and if not millions of games released then that surpass most of today’s releases. Well, it would definitely be unfair to forget those masterpieces and themes strictly on Android releases. Inasmuch, don’t you think we deserve to taste and relieve some of their best offerings? Well, that’s where J2ME Loader comes in.
J2ME Loader is an app that allows you to run Java games and apps on your android device, effectively bringing the nostalgia of old-school mobile games back to life. Imagine being able to play your favourite retro games on your modern phone, with J2ME Loader it’s now possible!
So, what does that mean? It means that you are no longer limited to the present-day releases, and can now access those old-time, Java, prime releases of time-past and particularly, the roguevania ones.
Finally, for PC Gamers, KEmulator is your alternative to J2ME Loader for mobile, and with this, this blog has successfully come to an end. So, Enjoy and have fun!

Games Like Pixel Dungeon

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Idehen Ebenezer

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Idehen Ebenezer

Idehen Ebenezer

Ebenezer, aka "Johnwaxon", is a freelance writer, chess player, aspiring programmer, and CG Artist. His ardent love for video games is what compels him to write engaging content for others who share the same interest. He specialises in the gaming, software, film, and entertainment niche.

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