87 Best City Building Games for PC & Consoles

Are you tired of being disappointed by games that don’t live up to the hype? Well, here is some good news for you! I’ve found the ideal cure for your gaming blues, and it involves creating your own city.


As someone who spent Valentine’s Day alone, I turned to video games to pass the time. And let me tell you, I was blown away by my findings.


City-builder games are a great way to exercise your creativity and create your own world. Whether you want to build a bustling city or a quaint town, the possibilities are endless. Plus the best part? You’re in total control! No need to worry about annoying roommates or significant others telling you what to do.


Now luckily for you, I’ve compiled a list of the Best PC City Builder Games out there. From the classic SimCity to newer games like Cities: Skylines, I got you covered. And for those looking for something a little more off the beaten path, I’ve added several other lesser-known games that will blow your mind.


So, sit tight, grab a snack, and brace yourself for the ultimate adventure. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!



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1. Anno 1800

Source: www.flickr.com/

Hola, Amigo! Let me introduce you to Anno 1800, a game that truly lives up to the saying: “Legends are born only once!” It’s a work of art that will leave you speechless. I can’t get enough of this game, and you won’t either once you start playing it.


Anno 1800 transports you to the Industrial Revolution era, where you may establish your own kingdom, trade with other nations, and extend your frontiers. The game can be played in a variety of modes, including single-player, sandbox, and multiplayer, plus the level of detail, is simply breathtaking. You’ll be lost for hours just appreciating the intricacies of your own city, the way ships sail across the sea, and the sensation of a world that appears so lived-in.


One of the best things about Anno 1800 is how it manages to strike a perfect balance between complexity and clarity. It’s easy enough to learn, and yet, there are so many layers to the game that you’ll keep discovering as you play. Plus, let’s not forget those compulsive tunes that truly evoke a sense of the medieval times.


All in all, Anno 1800 is a fantastic game that is well worth playing. It’s one of those games that will keep you coming back for more, and you’ll be amazed at just how much fun you’ll get from building your city.

2. Manor Lords

“Only a few can discern a true masterpiece.”


Like for real! I’m super excited to talk about Manor Lords, a game that’s already making waves in the gaming world even before its official release. Believe me, it’s not every day that you come across an early-access game that outperforms some of the most established names in its genre.


Let’s be clear, Manor Lords is everything you could ever dream of in a city builder.  It’s a unique and immersive experience where you can truly feel like a noble lord, vested with the responsibility of leading your tribe to greatness.


Starting with a small colony, your goal is to build a vibrant society of individuals, each with their own set of jobs and obligations. You’ll allocate key roles to your inhabitants, such as builders, fishermen, blacksmiths, and gatherers, all while coping with seasonal and environmental changes that could slow development.


But it’s not just the gameplay that’s impressive – Manor Lords is a feast for the eyes and ears. Its realistically depicted 14th-century era will leave you in an emotional trance. The heartfelt music, inimitable graphics and tantalizing simulations are also too much to witness. Plus the meticulous attention to detail in every corner of the game is simply mindblowing.


Still not convinced? Manor Lords takes things to a next level by allowing you to explore your domain in first-person. You’ll watch as empires rise and fall, make alliances, and respond to changing demands while strategizing in an unparalleled world of economic and political intrigue.


So, what are you waiting for? Answer that call to responsibility and become a medieval lord today!

3. Tropico 6

Longlived and long-serving, this delicate work of perfection is truly special. Trust me to the grip when I say this— not very often would you find a modern-inspired city-builder and simulation game answer to every appeal of a gamer’s want.


Tropico 6 is the top-flenched city-builder political simulation game where you assume the tender role of a small island dictator. Just as is expected of every typical ruler, you must live up to your citizens’ demands both economically, socially and in other aspects. It’s your job to improve their lives while also keeping them loyal to your government. 


Whether you prefer to play solo or compete with other aspiring rulers in multiplayer mode, Tropico 6 gives you the opportunity to build residential, commercial, and industrial structures, as well as roads, bridges, and seaports to satisfy your townies’ desires. You’ll also need to manage highway traffic and set tax rates.


But don’t get too carried away: you’ll need to balance your budget while still meeting your consumers’ demands. Prove your skills and become the ultimate El Presidente in this challenging experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat for hours on end.

4. Prehistoric Fun Park (Java Game)

Yeah! You never expected to see such in this list, right? Now, believe me when I said I’d include some hidden gems in the intro. This game may not live up to today’s ultimate standard of triple-A graphics and high-quality soundtracks, but man! The nostalgia is damn overwhelming.


I can undoubtedly remember spending hours and if not weeks on this classical vintage during my early childhood. Just as the longtime adage says that “The bests fade with trends but only true masterpieces transcend through generations” proves itself in this case.


Simply and in short, Prehistoric Fun Park is (as usual), a city-builder game in which you assume rulership and control of a small recreation ground and try to raise a renowned name from nothing. You start up with a completely empty land mass that’s fully flenched with bushes and anything far from interesting, then try your best and wit to build the best park in the city.


Like seriously, I wish this game has a remake that lived up to the passion initially propelled in by its original creators. But sadly it doesn’t. On the other hand, while you grow your bustling Fun Park, you begin to see increasing populations and earn substantial income. With the money, you can build more structures like slides, swingsets, carousels and trapeze rings to name a few alongside other beguiling sites like “Cave of Surprise” and others. You must also build administrative units like the sick bay, guard post, entrance stands, statues and so on to tackle the unexpected.


But be careful, if there’s one thing I still remember about this game, it would be that I frequently ran into enormous debts while starting out. So, manage your income wisely and don’t hire too many workers because their wages will eat up a great deal of your expenses at the end of each day.


Just a side hint. I’m sure you must be thinking, so how can I run this game? Well, it’s simply by using a lightweight Java emulator program that allows you to run Java games on Windows PC called KEmulator and start grinding on the fun! For mobile users, don’t worry, you aren’t left out of the action also, your alternative is J2ME Loader on Playstore.

5. Banished

Now that we’ve covered an old-time gem, it’s time we come to something more recent that is truly divinely inspired. Passionately propelled by the wit of a singly talented soul, this indie sandbox city-building simulation strategy… game is beyond words and expression.


Let me simply give you a glimmer of what I meant. In short, Banished has defined the bar and paved the path for several subsequent titles in its genre. This indelible masterpiece is one of the few available today that attests to the fit of perfection and has achieved the result of a vast team via the wit of a single individual.


In a nutshell, the game is about growing your own village from scratch, which will eventually grow into a city, nation, and medieval metropolis. But here’s the catch: the game is unforgiving in a compulsive style, and the pressure is never let loose right from the start. Theming solely on survival, you must first guide your colony through the scourge of starvation. Food is very important at this stage and when taken care of other wants may set in.


But don’t be fooled, there’s more to Banished than just food. Mere mishaps as simple as thunderstorms, prolonged winter, epidemics, barren soil or even a falling bell could wipe out your entire colony. Thus, be prepared for surprises at every turn along the way. Anticipate the worst-case scenarios and brace in for heart-throbbing sights.


Don’t believe me, well let me tell you. In one of my several experiences with Banished, my colony simply refused to procreate, leaving me with old asses who finally died out, and that was simply how my colony ended. Like seriously man! The cosmos just punished me for no damn reason!


In conclusion, if you’re in for a treat of hardships and never-ending trials, then go Banished!

6. Ages of Empire IV

Source: www.ageofempires.com

If you’re a fan of strategy games, then prepare to fall head over heels in love with this epic series. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just starting out, the immersive world and captivating historical setting of AOE will have you hooked in no time.


Travel back in time and experience the wonders of civilization at its finest as you build and protect your kingdom from the Post-Classical to the Late Renaissance period. You’ll have access to a vast range of resources, from lumber and stone to iron and gold, that you’ll need to utilize strategically to build your empire. In addition to this, you’ll need to train your troops to defend and expand your realm, ensuring that you’re always ahead of the game in terms of military might.


But it’s not just about brute force— the key to success here lies in your ability to manage your resources and strategize effectively. Whether you’re playing solo or competing against other players in online mode, you’ll need to keep a close eye on your empire’s fortress, economic growth, seasonal threats, foreign ties/alliances, and your citizens’ ever-evolving demands.


You’ll be faced with a range of challenges and obstacles as you work to develop your empire to its full potential, from inclement weather and resource shortages to warring factions and unexpected events. But don’t worry – if you’re destined to succeed, you will, and if not, well, sorry lad!


In essence, Ages of Empire IV is an enthralling and immersive experience that will keep you on your toes and captivate your attention for hours on end. With a variety of game modes, an expansive map, and a rich tapestry of historical events and characters to draw from, it’s the ultimate strategy game for anyone who loves a good challenge. So what are you waiting for? Grab your sword, don that armour, and prepare to sway through the Classical age!

7. Surviving the Aftermath

Truly heart-breaking I must say. The world has just been struck with the worst of times, civilisation has crumbled and a new age of desecration and ruins has set in. There is barely much food left or even drinkable water to gulp on. Now, we the only survivors have united to form a colony, and we hope to maybe live just one day beyond today. For such, we’ve scoured through our masses, in search of a competent soul to guide us through the wilderness but have found no one worthy apart from thee my lord!


Yes! I’m talking to you. Now, It’s up to you to guide us through this treacherous time, building up a colony from scratch with nothing but your wits and resourcefulness to help you. We trust you with our dear lives and if you falter, we perish. 


May our children live to tell the story, great One. Glory to thee!

8. Ostriv

Welcome to the world of Ostriv! A world where you get to experience a remarkable simulation of society from scratch, and build the finest of empires. The game, like Banished, is developed by a single individual with an outstanding love for the simulation genre… Plus, it has also made its name in the city-building genre just like its twin – Banished.


Ostriv will take you back in time to when the world was all about agriculture and farming (the good-old times). You will have the responsibility of growing a striving colony, from a remote community to a top-class civilisation in every single aspect. Your every action you have dire consequences on how things play out for your subjects and will affect their livelihood. So, you must be mindful of them.


But Ostriv isn’t just any other city-building game. It’s unique in its own way, with a real-life feel that challenges you to ensure that your citizens’ wants are met. In fact, even the slightest mistake could lead to a mass exodus of your townies or even a decline in your food supply. The game comes packed with a comprehensive economic model, plus the graphics are amazing as well: giving you that feeling of inexpressible originality.


What makes Ostriv even more interesting is the level of detail in the game. From the clothing worn by the people to the streets and the environment, everything is crafted to perfection. Its music is also appealing and provides an immersive experience that will keep you hooked. The game comes with a variety of features and options that will keep you engaged, from different modes to various seasons and even with an extra touch of natural disasters like tornados to spice up your temper from time to time.


All in all, Ostriv is a unique game that you will love. It’s the kind of game that will keep you coming back, challenging you to become the best city planner and version of yourself. So, if you’re looking for a city-building game with a difference, then Ostriv is definitely your go!

9. Medieval Dynasty

For sure! Here’s an interesting twist. I’m certainly tired of talking solely about city-builders upon city-builders. Now, it’s time we take a slight turn. This time, towards the RPG genre. And don’t worry, the game still bears some relevance to today’s context. Simply stick with me.


Medieval Dynasty as per se is definitely a unique game on this list. Rather than placing you in the shoes of a sovereign being charged with building and strategising, here, you get to experience what life actually tastes like. Set in medieval Europe, the game unfolds with the protagonist/you who had fled his homeland due to an uprising war. Impoverished, alone and gullible to deceit, you journey into a new land in hopes of starting a new life.


Now in your newly-found home, you must strive to make a difference and produce something worth admiring from your unpromising position. With domestic, societal, economic and administrative duties on your neck, your fate lies within your grasp. What you make of it is entirely up to you.

10. Frostpunk

Source: www.download.io

Winter can never be more traumatising with Frostpunk. But with the announcement of the upcoming sequel of Frostpunk 2, I’m sure you will be in for a double-treat by the time you’re done with this release. Thus, before we jump to the future, let’s delve a bit into the present.


Frostpunk is a city-building survival game that will test your skills and wit to the limit. Set in a harsh, unforgiving winter world, you must guide your people to survival amidst the treacherous cold. It’s up to you to make the critical decisions that will determine the fate of your society. Do you sacrifice a few to save the many? Or do you risk it all to uphold the values of humanity?


As you progress through the game, you must expand your city and provide the necessary resources for your people to survive. Every decision you make will impact the morale and well-being of your society, so choose wisely. The game is only not just about surviving the winter but building a society that can flourish and thrive amidst harsh conditions and flourish in peril.


In conclusion, Frostpunk is more than just a game, it’s a journey that will take you through the trials and tribulations of leadership in the face of overwhelming odds. With the sequel just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to dive into this captivating world and see what fate awaits your present society.

11. Farthest Frontier

Farthest Frontier is another recent hit that has taken the city-building genre by storm. Since its release in 2022 (last year), it has certainly established its name amongst its peers.


Set in a distant, untamed medieval wilderness, the game invites you to guide a small band of settlers in their quest to establish a new home in unfamiliar territories.


As the sole ruler of your settlement, you must lead your people through the trials and tribulations of the harsh wilderness. Your strategic prowess will be tested as you carefully assign roles and manage resources effectively. From foraging for food to building walls and trading, every decision you make will impact the prosperity and growth of your civilization.


In Farthest Frontier, you must harvest raw materials, hunt, fish, farm, and propel your settlers in their quest for a better life. With a delicate mind and unwavering diligence, you can grow your settlement from its humble beginning to a bustling medieval metropolis.


Lastly, its stunning visuals and engaging gameplay are sure to captivate any city-building enthusiast. If you’re looking for a unique and challenging experience that allows you to build a civilization in the odds of time, then Farthest Frontier is the perfect game for you.

12. The Settlers 7: History

Divinely inspired with a cartoonish touch, The Settlers 7 is another charming city-building game that’s certain to accompany you through the boriest of times. 


In The Settlers 7, you take on the role of a medieval ruler tasked with building a prosperous kingdom. You’ll need to manage resources wisely and strategically allocate them to expand your settlement, construct buildings, and train your army. As you progress, you’ll encounter challenges, from natural disasters to hostile invaders, that will test your leadership and tactical skills.


One of the unique features of The Settlers 7 is its focus on online multiplayer mode, which allows you to compete against other players from around the world. You can form alliances, engage in trade, and even sabotage your rivals to gain an advantage.


Overall, The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom is a delightful game that offers an immersive and engaging gameplay experience. Its charming visuals and intuitive gameplay make it a must-play for anyone looking to embark on a journey of medieval conquest and prosperity.

13. Airborne Kingdom

We’ve indeed covered enough land city-builders, now, it’s time we go somewhere beyond the blues… You know what I mean, right?… Dun! Dun!! Dun!!! Here comes the definitive city-builder game- Airborne, where you get to raise an empire literally in the sky.


As the ruler of several colonies inhabiting floating islands, your task is to manage resources, construct buildings, and expand your territory to ensure the growth of your colony. With stunning visuals that perfectly capture the awe-inspiring beauty of the clouds and the below-lands, Airborne Kingdom is another city-builder that comes packed with a punch of intrigue and fun.


But building a city in the sky is no easy feat. You’ll need to carefully manage your resources and make strategic decisions that will have a significant impact on your subjects. From constructing buildings and gathering resources to maintaining your population and expanding your territory, every decision you make will be crucial to the survival and growth of your city.


One of the unique features of Airborne Kingdom is the ability to explore different floating islands, each with its unique share of natural resources. You’ll need to build alliances, engage in trade, and make strategic decisions to ensure the prosperity and growth of your city. And with a captivating soundtrack that soothes the soul, you’ll find yourself lost in the world of Airborne Kingdom for hours on end.


Overall, Airborne Kingdom is a must-play for anyone looking for a fresh and unique take on the city-building genre. With its stunning visuals, immersive gameplay, and serene soundtrack, it offers an experience that is both compelling and relaxing. So buckle up and get ready to soar amidst the distant blues with Airborne Kingdom!

14. Stranded: Alien Dawn

Prepare to embark on an eventful journey with Survival: Alien Dawn, the survival simulation game that challenges you to lead a small colony stranded in an unknown alien world. This game offers a surprising twist on the city-building genre by taking you to a different and unfamiliar setting.


In this game, you must abandon all your preconceived notions of surviving in an Earth-like world because the world here is entirely different. You will guide your colony through the perils of starvation, extreme weather conditions, homelessness and insecurity while shielding them from alien predators and the unforgiving nature of life.


But the game isn’t just about surviving. As you explore this exotic exoplanet, you will witness the intricate beauty that lies within it, giving you new insights to its world every second in.


If you’re looking for a city-building game with an unexpected twist to the genre, Survival: Alien Dawn is the game for you. But don’t stop here, there are still more exciting games that I haven’t mentioned. So, read on before making your final decision on which games get to your ultimate wishlist.

15. Grand Ages Rome

This is a long-forgotten strategic city-building game that was never given the credit it really deserved. You would scarcely find this game listed even if you were to go through hundreds of lists of the top city-building games out there. But now is the time to truly appreciate this underappreciated gem.


In this game, you take on the role of a leader in ancient Rome and it’s up to you to manage resources, build structures, and engage in battles and political dealings to take your empire to the next level.


But don’t think it’s going to be a walk in the park. This game can be tough, and it takes some serious strategy to succeed. Whether you’re commanding your armies in epic battles or negotiating with other leaders, your choices will have a major impact on the fate of your empire.


One of the best things about Grand Ages Rome is the range of options it offers. You can play at different difficulty levels and there’s always something new to discover.


If you’re a fan of city-builder games or just looking for something new to try, I positively recommend giving this one a shot. It’s a game that combines fun and strategy in just the right way, and it’s sure to keep you entertained for hours.

16. Grand Ages: Medieval

From the creators of Grand Ages: Rome comes this game. While it is not a sequel, it does incorporate some of its concepts.


Grand Ages: Medieval is a finely-crafted empire simulation game that expands on the previous titles. The game is set in ancient Europe in the year 1050 A.D. where you assume the role of a noble mayor charged with raising a thriving empire amid the wilderness.


Your journey begins with a small settlement, which you must grow and expand with over 20 million square kilometres of landmass to explore and conquer.


To succeed, you must focus on growing your economy by trading, building, and managing your empire’s affairs. Meeting the demands of your citizens and setting reasonable tax rates are key factors. Additionally, it is crucial to build up your military strength by fortifying your defences and planning for the future.


Overall, If you enjoy trading, empire building and don’t mind a simplistic military system, then the game is well worth a try.

17. Nebuchadnezzar

Ready to grind on some historical facts and learn about the Nebuchadnezzar? Don’t worry, it’s not the same Nebuchadnezzar you might be thinking of from the Bible. This one is all about building and managing your very own ancient city!


Nebuchadnezzar is a city-building strategy game that takes you back to ancient Mesopotamia. You’ll be in charge of designing and constructing your own city, managing resources, and making sure your citizens are happy and prosperous. Think of it like a virtual version of SimCity, but set in ancient times.


One of the coolest things about Nebuchadnezzar is its attention to detail. The game developers have gone to great lengths to ensure that everything is historically accurate, from the buildings, the people and to their culture; you’ll really feel like you’re building a city in ancient Mesopotamia.


As you progress through the game, you’ll face challenges like resource shortages, natural disasters, and invaders. You’ll need to use your strategic wits and management skills to overcome these obstacles and keep your city thriving.


Overall, Nebuchadnezzar is a great strategy game that would keep any historical buff engaged for hours. So why the delays? Take your controller and begin grinding your dream city into reality!

18. Patron

If you’re a fan of Banished, you’ll definitely love this one. The game takes all the best parts of Banished and adds a satisfying level of difficulty that’ll keep you hooked. The visuals and soundtracks make it feel like you’re playing a Banished, but with a whole new level of excitement.


At the start of the game, you’re tasked with building a small village and expanding it to a prosperous city. You’ll have to deal with challenges like maintaining a thriving economy, dealing with food shortages, and unpredictable weather conditions. It’s not just about building structures and automating them; you also have to be engaged and invested in your townies’ wants and demands.


To succeed in Patron, you’ll need to establish sustainable production chains, research new technologies, and plan for the future. But even with careful planning, tragedy can strike at any moment, so be ready for the worst.


Aside from that, you must also pay close attention to every citizen’s wants as neglecting such will eventually result in their emigration. This means taking into account their views on sensitive social issues like religion, immigration, and tax rates.


But it’s not all doom and gloom in Patron. You can also build beautification structures to keep your villagers happy, watching as your fledgling village grows into a bustling medieval metropolis.


Overall, Patron is a thrilling game that challenges you to think beyond just building structures. It’s about being a leader of a living society and balancing the need for a flourishing economy with social tensions. If you’re up for the challenge, then get the game!

19. Rise of Ruins

Rise of Ruins is a post-apocalyptic city-building game developed by Raymond Doerr. It offers a unique blend of strategic gameplay, survival mechanics, and tower defence elements. Set in a world ravaged by a magical calamity, players must guide a small group of survivors to rebuild and thrive amidst the ruins of their fallen civilization.


As a player, you are tasked with managing your resources, constructing buildings, and defending your settlement against hordes of monsters that roam the land. You’ll need to balance your economy, research new technologies, and expand your population to survive and thrive.


What sets Rise of Ruins apart from other city-building games is its dynamic weather system, which can bring about natural disasters like storms, blizzards, and wildfires that can devastate your settlement. Furthermore, the game also features a day and night cycle that affects the behaviour of the monsters, making nighttime raids more dangerous.


The tower defence aspect of the game comes into play when you must defend your settlement from waves of monsters that attack periodically. You can build walls and towers to protect your people, and train soldiers to fend off the invaders.


Despite the challenges, there are plenty of rewards to enjoy in Rise of Ruins. You can build a thriving community, research powerful magic spells, and recruit powerful heroes to defend your settlement. The game also has a creative mode that allows you to build to your heart’s content without worrying about resources or monsters.

20. Colonize

Are you ready to step back in time to the 17th century and experience the challenges of colonization? Look no further than Colonize, a building simulation game that combines survival and strategy. Your mission is to build and manage a settlement in the new world, facing hunger, weather, and the threat of native tribes.


As you build your city-state, you’ll make various improvements and decisions, from new raw materials to forms of government. External missions add to the excitement, allowing you to choose a mission and send inhabitants into the wilderness.


With a total of 6 cities to populate, including Jamestown and Salem, each expansion increases the difficulty of the game conditions. Watch out for pirates and trade with the King to ensure the survival of your settlement. Supported by public funding from the Slovak Arts Council, Colonize is a must-play for anyone seeking a challenging and historically-inspired game.

21. Foundation

Hey there, have you heard of Foundation? It’s a pretty cool video game that lets you build your very own medieval city from scratch. Imagine starting with just a patch of land and a few resources, and then transforming it into a bustling metropolis!


The game is all about strategy and management. You’ll need to carefully allocate resources, plan out your city’s layout, and make sure your citizens are happy and productive. You’ll also need to keep an eye on your city’s economy and trade with other settlements to keep things running smoothly.


One of the things that set Foundation apart is its attention to detail. The graphics are stunning and the gameplay is incredibly immersive. Plus, there are tons of different buildings and structures you can construct, from simple houses and farms to grand cathedrals and castles.


Whether you’re a fan of city-building games or just looking for a fun and engaging way to pass the time, Foundation is definitely worth checking out. So why not give it a try and see what kind of medieval masterpiece you can create?

22. Civilization VI

Civilization VI is a turn-based strategy game developed by Firaxis Games, which challenges players to build and develop their own civilization from the ground up. With new features such as districts and unique civilization abilities, the game offers a fresh take on the series while still maintaining the core gameplay that made Civilization so beloved.


Players must explore the world, establish new cities, research new technologies, and engage in diplomacy and warfare with other civilizations in order to achieve victory. The game features new AI mechanics and civilizations, ensuring that each playthrough is unique and challenging.

23. Urban Empire

Urban Empire is a political simulation game that challenges you to build and govern your own civilisation from the ground up. Set in the early 20th century, you’ll take on the role of mayor and lead your society through times of social unrest, economic upheaval, and technological advancement.


As you navigate the complex world of urban politics, you’ll face tough decisions that will impact the lives of your citizens. From managing budgets and crafting policies to negotiating with rival factions, every move you make will shape the course of your city’s future.


With deep strategy elements and a focus on historical events, Urban Empire is a must-play for fans of city-building and politics. As you work to create a thriving metropolis, you’ll have to balance the needs of different groups, from wealthy elites to working-class families.


Featuring stunning graphics, intricate gameplay, and a mature tone, Urban Empire is the ultimate civilisation simulator. Are you ready to take on the challenge of running a civilisation? Play Urban Empire today and find out!

24. Cities: Skylines

Source: www.maxpixel.net

Cities: Skylines is without a doubt the most enjoyable modern city management and simulation game available today. It blends elements from its counterparts in a unique way and builds on the concept to produce a fascinating gaming experience. You start with a modest urbanized hamlet and grow your metropolis using available resources. A variety of infrastructures and buildings are available in the game to accommodate new citizens, companies, emergency services, schools, and more. You’ll face a variety of obstacles in the base game, like dealing with emergencies, keeping your inhabitants happy, and controlling traffic flow across your city. Aside from that, there are a plethora of mods accessible online that may be used to enhance the gameplay.

25. The Architect: Paris

Similar to Cities: Skylines, The Architect: Paris is a city-building simulation game that allows players to create and manage their own virtual city. However, instead of building just any city, The Architect: Paris focuses specifically on building the iconic city of Paris, France.


Players can design and construct famous landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, and the Louvre Museum, as well as manage the city’s transportation, economy, and population growth. The game offers a realistic representation of Paris, complete with the city’s unique architecture and cultural influences.


With detailed graphics and a wide range of customization options, The Architect: Paris provides an immersive and engaging experience for players who want to build their own version of the City of Light. And whether you’re a fan of city-building games or have a love for Parisian culture, this game is sure to provide hours of entertainment.


26. Land of the Vikings

Are you ready to embark on a thrilling journey through the Land of the Vikings? Laps Games presents an exciting new game that will transport you to a world of adventure, conquest, and exploration.


As you navigate the rugged terrain of this untamed land, you’ll encounter fierce warriors, cunning traders, and ancient mysteries waiting to be uncovered. Will you become a respected leader, forging alliances with neighbouring clans and leading your people to glory? Or will you become a feared conqueror, laying waste to your enemies and claiming their lands as your own?


With immersive gameplay, stunning graphics, and an epic soundtrack, Land of the Vikings will keep you on the edge of your seat as you explore a world filled with danger and opportunity. Build your village, train your troops, and explore the uncharted territories beyond your borders. Discover the secrets of this land and prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey through the abyss.


So gather your strength, sharpen your sword, and prepare to conquer the Land of the Vikings. The adventure awaits!

27. Ancient Cities

Ancient Cities is a city-building simulation game set in ancient times. In this game, players take on the role of a tribe leader who must guide their people to survival and prosperity in a harsh environment. With a focus on historical accuracy, the game offers an immersive experience of life in ancient times, with challenges such as resource management, natural disasters, and external threats.


Players will have to gather resources, construct buildings, and manage their tribe’s food, water, and health needs. As the tribe grows, players can engage in trade, diplomacy, and war with neighbouring tribes. The game also features a research system that allows players to unlock new technologies to improve their tribe’s way of life.


With stunning visuals and a deep level of detail, Ancient Cities is a game that will appeal to fans of city-building and simulation games, as well as those interested in ancient history. It offers a unique experience of a bygone era, where players can explore the challenges and triumphs of life in a primitive society.

28. Islanders

Islanders is a beautifully crafted minimalist city-building game that is sure to capture your heart! The game features simple graphics and a soothing soundtrack that create a relaxing atmosphere as you build your perfect island paradise.


In Islanders, players must strategically place buildings to maximize points and keep the game going. The game is easy to learn, but difficult to master, as you need to balance resources and make sure everything fits together just right. As you progress through the game, new challenges arise that will test your skills and force you to adapt your strategy.


Despite its simplistic graphics, Islanders is a highly engaging game that offers hours of gameplay. It’s a game that encourages creativity and experimentation, as you try out different building placements and discover new ways to maximize your score. So, if you’re looking for a game that is both relaxing and challenging, Islanders is definitely worth checking out!

29. Sid Meier's Colonization

Sid Meier’s Colonization is a classic city-building game that still holds up today, even in the world of flashy AAA titles. This addictive game will bring a nostalgic feeling to mature gamers who remember playing city builders in the late 90s.


The game’s addictive concepts make it stand out from the big blockbusters of today. With a focus on exploration, trade, and diplomacy, players must build a new colony in the New World while managing resources and fending off enemy nations.


Sid Meier’s Colonization offers a unique gameplay experience that is both challenging and rewarding. It requires strategic thinking and careful planning, but also offers the excitement of exploration and the satisfaction of building a thriving colony. So, if you’re looking for a game that will transport you back to the golden age of video gaming, look no further than Sid Meier’s Colonization!

30. Minecraft

Hola!!! You never saw this one coming, didn’t you? I won’t dwell much on this game, but if you haven’t heard of it yet, then, all I can say is “Sorry buddy, you’ve missed a lot!”


Minecraft is an incredibly unique sandbox game that took the world by storm at its inception. The game allows players to create their own virtual world with limitless possibilities. While it’s not a traditional city-building game, Minecraft offers a creative mode that allows players to design and build anything they can imagine.


In creative mode, players have access to unlimited resources and can use a variety of blocks and tools to create incredible structures, including entire cities, amusement parks, and even famous landmarks. Minecraft’s creative mode has given players an outlet to express their creativity and has resulted in the creation of some truly amazing and popular vistas online.


Apart from creative mode, Minecraft also features survival mode, adventure mode, and multiplayer mode. The game’s simple yet flexible mechanics makes it accessible to players of all ages and skill levels, and the amount of content available is sure to keep you entertained for years to come. And yes! You heard that right – “for yeeeaarsss to comee…”


In conclusion, Minecraft is a game that offers a unique and exciting way to express your creativity and build your own virtual world. If you’re someone who loves designing and building, or if you’re just looking for a new and exciting game to play, Minecraft is definitely worth checking out!

31. Townsmen A Kingdom Rebuilt

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Townsmen A Kingdom Rebuilt is a medieval city-building and strategy game that puts you in charge of managing and growing your own medieval town. With vibrant graphics and engaging gameplay, the game allows you to build everything from simple houses to grand cathedrals and manage resources like food, wood, and stone to keep your citizens happy and healthy.


As you progress, you’ll need to navigate various challenges like weather, disasters, and even invading armies to keep your town thriving. The game also features a campaign mode with over 20 challenging missions that will put your strategic skills to the test.


With its immersive gameplay, rich graphics, and countless options for customization, Townsmen A Kingdom Rebuilt is a must-play for any fan of the city-building genre. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the genre, this game is sure to provide hours of entertainment and endless possibilities for building and managing your own medieval kingdom.

32. Settlement Survival

Settlement Survival is a gripping blend of survival and city-building game that challenges you to lead a group of settlers through a harsh and unforgiving post-apocalyptic world. You’ll need to keep your wits about you as you face the dangers of the wasteland, from mutant monsters to hostile raiders.


With limited resources and an ever-growing population, you’ll need to carefully manage your settlement, construct new buildings, manage supply chains, and make tough decisions to ensure your people survive. Will you build up your defences to ward off attacks, or focus on creating a thriving economy? It all depends on you.


Furthermore, Settlement Survival also offers a variety of gameplay modes,  including campaign mode with over 50 missions to advance through and a sandbox mode where you can experiment and build without limitations. With its engaging gameplay and gratifying possibilities, this game is a must-have for your wishlist.

33. Frozenheim

Get ready to be swept away in the frosty world of Frozenheim, where survival is key and adventure is always around the corner. In this unique city-building game, you’ll be tasked with establishing a settlement in the midst of a frozen wasteland. With only limited resources at your disposal, you’ll have to result in flawless strategic planning to ensure that your colony thrives. As you progress through the game, you’ll uncover new technologies and resources, allowing you to expand your settlement and take on new challenges. Along the way, you’ll encounter dangerous creatures and harsh weather conditions. Hence, do not expect your adventure to be a bed of roses. Buckle up and brave the cold – Frozenheim awaits!

34. Fabledom

Once upon a Village… Set in a wholesome fairytale world, Fabledom is the ideal laid-back City builder. Enjoy the growth of your settlement, trade and use diplomacy to ally or challenge your neighbours, and most importantly, find yourself a prince or princess and live happily ever after!


Welcome, your Highness, to the vast land of Fabledom, waiting to be colonized. This game offers accessible and intuitive gameplay, without the need for complex excel sheets or optimization. Follow your citizens’ lives and witness the rise and fall of your relationships with neighbouring kingdoms in a world where fairytales come to life.


Fabledom features collecting resources, shaping your settlement, and finding the promised land to expand and thrive. Build your economy by exchanging rare resources and handling diplomacy to shape your progress. Romance is a key aspect of the game, as you choose a queen or king and explore fresh city-building mechanics. Build an army, elect your hero, and defend your kingdom against vile neighbours and minions. Explore every nook and cranny of the magical fairytale world, inspired by games such as The Settlers, Foundation, and Kingdoms and Castles.

35. Laysara: Summit Kingdom

Laysara: Summit Kingdom is the upcoming city builder game that will test your skills in creating a thriving settlement on high mountains. As the ruler of your people, you must carefully plan production chains and satisfy the various needs of your three-caste society while dealing with mountain hazards such as weather breakdowns and avalanches. But, are you skilled enough to make your town thrive?


You will need to build on each mountain, and every mount differs in shape, vegetation zone layouts, resource availability and weather conditions. One of the ever-present dangers you will have to deal with are mighty avalanches, which you can’t stop, but you can take precautions and be prepared. You will need to create a vast, complex transport network consisting of roads, bridges, and shafts to ensure reliable delivery chains.


If you manage to endure all mountain dangers, build a network of efficient production chains and satisfy all needs of your people, there is only one more thing to be done: conquering the mountain peak! To succeed in this great endeavour, you will need to reach the summit and establish safe routes for your carriers to bring in enormous amounts of building resources. Raising the summit temple is an act of total triumph of human courage (and your logistics skills!) over the elements. Laysara: Summit Kingdom is a pure city-building experience solely focused on the economy, resource management, and survival despite the inhospitable environment.

36. Life is Feudal: Forest Village

Life is Feudal: Forest Village is a city-building simulation game that takes inspiration from the popular Banished game. However, it takes the genre to a whole new level, with intricate details and gameplay that offer an engaging and immersive experience. In this game, you are tasked with building and managing a medieval village in a vast forest, complete with all the necessary resources and challenges that come with it.


The game challenges players to think critically and strategically as they navigate the obstacles of weather, disease, and resource management. You will need to ensure your villagers have enough food, water, and shelter to survive, while also providing them with adequate healthcare and education. Failure to manage these aspects properly will result in a decline in population and ultimately, the failure of your village.


One of the most captivating features of Life is Feudal: Forest Village is its stunning graphics and attention to detail. The game’s environments are highly immersive and realistic, with stunning forests, waterfalls, and weather effects that provide an unmatched level of immersion. This, combined with the challenging gameplay and deep mechanics, makes for an engaging and enjoyable experience that will keep you coming back for more.

37. Going Medieval

Welcome to Going Medieval – a thrilling strategy game that takes you back to the dark ages. Set in a post-apocalyptic world where a mysterious calamity has wiped out most of humanity, you are tasked with building and managing a medieval colony from scratch.


Think you have what it takes to survive in a world where resources are scarce and danger lurks around every corner? Your people are counting on you to lead them to safety and prosperity, but with raiders, wild animals, and disease threatening your survival, the road ahead won’t be easy.


But fear not, as you work to build your settlement, you’ll have a wide range of options to choose from to defend your people and grow your civilization. From constructing strong fortifications to training skilled warriors to researching new technologies and crafting powerful weapons, you’ll have to use every tool at your disposal to outsmart your enemies and ensure the survival of your people.


With its immersive gameplay, complex economic system, and richly detailed world, Going Medieval will challenge you to like never before. So gather your resources, fortify your walls, and embark on a thrilling adventure through the dark ages. The fate of your colony depends on it!

38. Dream Engines: Nomad Cities

Embark on a thrilling adventure in Dream Engines: Nomad Cities, where you take on the role of a city planner in a world where everything is floating in the sky. Build and manage your own nomadic city as you travel through the different regions of this mystical world.


As a city planner, you will need to construct a city that is sustainable and adaptable to the changing environment. Use your creativity to design your city’s layout, build residential buildings, factories, and resource collectors to keep your city running. Make sure your citizens are happy and well-fed by providing them with amenities and basic necessities.


But be warned, the sky is not always a safe place to be. You will need to protect your city from enemy raids and dangerous creatures that lurk in the clouds. Upgrade your city’s defences by building turrets, walls, and other defensive structures to keep your people safe.


As you travel from region to region, you will encounter new challenges and opportunities. Discover new resources, unlock new technologies, and trade with other nomad cities. Take advantage of the unique features of each region to build a thriving city that can withstand the challenges of the sky.


With stunning graphics and an immersive soundtrack, Dream Engines: Nomad Cities offers a unique and captivating city-building experience that will keep you engaged for hours on end.

39. Townscaper

Townscaper is another game that defies convention and caters to those who enjoy a more laid-back and creative approach to gaming. It is a tranquil and visually stunning experience that allows you to unleash your inner architect and build dreamlike towns and cities without any pressure or stress.


With an intuitive and user-friendly interface, you can effortlessly create vibrant and intricate structures and watch them come to life in real time. The game’s unique algorithm ensures that every building you construct is not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical and functional.


You have complete control over the shape, colour, and size of every element in your town. Add a splash of blue to create a charming canal or stack cubes on top of each other to make a towering castle. Your imagination is the only limit.


Despite its seemingly simple gameplay, Townscaper offers a profound sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. The joy of creating something beautiful and intricate from scratch is a refreshing departure from the typical fast-paced and competitive games.


Townscaper is a game that resonates with those who appreciate the finer things in life and value the creative process. It’s an immersive and meditative experience that allows you to lose yourself in a world of your own making.

40. Before We Leave

The ultimate list continues with this post-apocalyptic city-building game that will test your strategic planning and management skills. Welcome to Before We Leave, a game that takes you on a journey of rebuilding civilization from scratch.


Set in a world devastated by a catastrophic event, you must lead your people in reclaiming their land and rebuilding their lives. The challenge? You start with only a few scattered islands, and your civilization must grow and thrive in this vast, unexplored world.


But it’s not just about building a city. You must manage your resources, balance your population, and explore the world around you. As your people grow and your city expands, you’ll unlock new technologies that will allow you to explore further and encounter new challenges.


Before We Leave offers a unique take on city-building games, with a focus on peaceful expansion and exploration rather than conflict and war. It’s a game that encourages you to take your time, savour the journey, and appreciate the small details of your growing civilization.


So get ready to embark on a journey of a lifetime, as you lead your people through this post-apocalyptic world, rebuilding what was lost and creating a better future for all.

41. Aven Colony

Only a few games can keep you captivated and intrigued by their world in the same way that Aven Colony does. Aven Colony is a creatively unique city-builder game that, rather than being set on our beloved planet “Earth,” is set on a relatively distant, human-habitable planet called “The Aven Prime”. In the game, you assume the role of ruling a newly arrived human colony on the planet. 


Starting off, your colony begins as a survival-focused settlement, with basic structures for housing, storage, security, power production, and many more being built as you tackle the harsh climate of Aven Prime. As your colony expands, you must also be concerned about epidemics and extraterrestrial assaults. After your colony’s survival is assured and life is comfortable, you govern and expand your civilization, managing its day-to-day operations, maintaining peace and order, and exploring the land and history of the Aven Prime.

42. Against the Storm

Time in and time out, this game is surely a contender for the most immersive survival city-builder of the year. Against the Storm is a post-apocalyptic strategy game that challenges you to build and maintain a community in a world ravaged by a never-ending tempest. You must explore the harsh environment, gather resources, and build structures to protect your citizens from the raging storm.


The game is set in a world where the tempest has devastated everything in its path, leaving only a few scattered remnants of humanity. Your job is to guide one of these groups and help them survive against all odds. You must manage your resources carefully, build your base, and recruit new survivors to your cause.


The game features a highly detailed and immersive world, with stunning graphics and a compelling storyline. You must make difficult choices and take risks to keep your people alive, and you will face numerous challenges along the way. From raiders to wild animals, from disease to starvation, there is always something threatening your survival.


But the game is not all about hardship and struggle. There are moments of beauty and hope, as you watch your community grow and thrive. You will build homes, farms, and factories, and see your people develop new skills and technologies. You will explore the ruins of the old world, searching for lost treasures and forgotten knowledge.


Against the Storm is a game that demands your attention and your dedication. It is not for the faint of heart, but for those who are willing to brave the storm, the rewards are great. With its deep and engaging gameplay, beautiful visuals, and compelling story, this is a game that you will not want to miss.

43. Royal Envoy Series (1, 2 & 3)

Oh my! The nostalgia is overwhelming as we look back at the Royal Envoys series, a classic game that has stood the test of time. This game is a delightful combination of strategy, city-building, and resource management that is sure to keep you hooked for hours on end.


As a player, you step into the shoes of a Royal Envoy, entrusted with the task of building and managing a thriving kingdom. You must use your wit and intelligence to overcome various challenges, from resource shortages to natural disasters, and keep your subjects happy and well-fed.


The game features a wide range of buildings and structures that you can construct, each with its unique benefits and uses. From farms and sawmills to harbours and markets, there is no shortage of options when it comes to building your kingdom. But be warned – each decision you make will have far-reaching consequences, so choose wisely.


The Royal Envoys series is more than just a game; it’s an experience. The stunning graphics, immersive sound effects, and engaging storyline all come together to create a truly unforgettable gaming experience. And with multiple sequels to the original game, there’s always something new to explore and discover.


So if you’re looking for a game that will challenge your strategic thinking, test your management skills, and provide hours of entertainment, look no further than the Royal Envoys series. It’s a true classic that has stood the test of time and continues to captivate gamers of all ages.

44. Gord

Words can hardly express the adventure that awaits in Gord, a single-player game that takes players on a journey through forbidden lands and mystical creatures. Playing as the leader of the Tribe of the Dawn, it’s up to you to ensure the survival of your community by completing quests and managing their well-being, all while fending off enemies and monsters that lurk in the surrounding woods.


As your community grows, so do the challenges, evolving from a humble settlement to a formidable fortress. Erect palisades, develop structures and explore the versatile quests that will have you venturing beyond the walls of your settlement, and into the wilderness to hunt down legendary creatures, uncover the secrets of the Ancients, or vanquish a nasty scourge. Be prepared for the unexpected, for every action and decision you make will have consequences that impact the fate of your settlement.


Choose from a variety of primary objectives, select the level size, the intensity of raids, the environment you’ll play in, and the severity of the weather. Keep a close eye on the sanity levels of your settlers, as once a subject’s sanity reaches a critical point, they may suffer a breakdown or even flee your rule. To tip the battlefield in your favour, please the Gods with your prayers and gain access to their spellcasting abilities. Incantations vary in nature, from concealing areas from your enemies to gaining control over threatening beasts.


The Chronicle explains the history of the Gord universe, blending real-world Slavic mythology with dark fantasy. As you explore the game’s landscapes, collect as many pages as possible to gain insight into the origins of the Gods, ancient factions, and the mystical Whisperers. With its captivating storyline, challenging gameplay, and stunning graphics, Gord is an adventure-strategy game that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

45. Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic

From the remnants of a fallen empire rises a new hope. Welcome to Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic, a game where you can build, manage, and govern your own state in the post-Soviet era. Take control of every aspect of your country, from resource allocation to transportation, and lead your people to prosperity.


With an expansive and complex economic system, you’ll have to think strategically to ensure that your industries thrive and your people are well taken care of. Manage your workforce, assign jobs, and plan for the future. But beware, your decisions have consequences, and your citizens will not hesitate to voice their grievances if they feel neglected or mistreated.


As you expand your territory, you’ll encounter various challenges, including harsh weather conditions, environmental disasters, and political instability. But fear not, for your wit and resourcefulness will be your greatest weapons in overcoming these obstacles.


From constructing housing complexes to building transportation networks, every action you take will shape the future of your nation. And with mod support, you can customize your gameplay experience to your heart’s desire.


Are you ready to take on the responsibility of leading a nation? Then join the Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic and become a true master of governance.

46. Valhalla Hills

Truly inspiring, Valhalla Hills is a strategy simulation game that invites you to build and manage a thriving Viking community in the afterlife. As a newly appointed god, your task is to guide your people to glory and prosperity, by providing them with food, shelter, and resources in the harsh and unforgiving environment of Valhalla.


Using your wit, strategic planning, and a healthy dose of divine intervention, you must oversee the construction of buildings, farms, and other vital structures. Ensure that your people have access to the resources they need to survive, such as wood, stone, and food. As your community grows, so too must your ambitions, expanding your domain and unlocking new technologies to help you thrive.


But Valhalla is not an easy place to live, and your people must also face the dangers of the unforgiving environment. They will need to fight off raiders, monsters, and other threats to their existence. As you lead your people to victory, you will be rewarded with glory, honor, and a place among the greatest Viking warriors in history.


Valhalla Hills is a game that combines strategy, resource management, and Norse mythology in a unique and engaging way. With its stunning visuals, immersive gameplay, and deep strategic elements, it is a game that is sure to captivate players of all ages. So, gather your clan, and prepare to embark on an epic journey to glory and immortality in Valhalla.

47. Sim City Franchise

Excluding such a treasure from any top city-building games list would be a great injustice. The Sim City Franchise is a true masterpiece and one of the most successful in the genre’s history, having set the standard for others to follow. From its debut in 1989 to its most recent release in 2014, it has captivated players of all ages for decades. What makes it unique is the feeling of fascination and accountability it instills in its players. While some versions may be better than others, the franchise will always hold a special place in the hearts of its fans, both old and new.

48. Kingdoms and Castles

Welcome to Kingdoms and Castles, a city-building simulation game that will challenge your strategic planning skills! Inspired by medieval times, you’ll grow your small hamlet into a thriving city with a mighty castle. But beware, the world is alive and dangerous, with Viking raiders and dragons that threaten your kingdom’s survival.


To ensure your people’s happiness and attract new residents, you must layout your town carefully, build churches to keep them hopeful, and taverns to keep them happy. Tax your peasants just enough to fund your castle, and make sure they have enough food and medicine to survive harsh winters and plagues. Celebrate your town’s success with festivals in the town square.


As you collect wood, stone, and farm the land, you must prepare for Viking invasions. Use a powerful castle building system to construct towers and walls, with weapon emplacements that have longer range the higher they are placed. Try different layouts to protect your kingdom and express your glory as a king or queen.


Additionally, Kingdoms and Castles offers a dynamic world with a stylized procedural cloud system and season cycle, making the game both challenging and visually appealing. With a realistic tree growth algorithm, you can manage your forests responsibly or clear-cut them for immediate resources. Your success as a city and castle planner is the key to your kingdom’s survival!

49. Dawn of Man

Dawn of Man is an epic strategy game that takes you on a journey back in time to the prehistoric era. It’s a game that will test your leadership skills as you take charge of a group of ancient humans and guide them through the challenges of survival in a harsh and unforgiving environment. You will need to ensure your tribe has enough food, water, and shelter to survive and prosper.


As you progress through the game, you’ll unlock new technologies that will allow you to advance your tribe and improve their quality of life. But beware, for there are also dangers lurking around every corner, from vicious predators to the elements themselves.


What sets Dawn of Man apart from other strategy games is its attention to detail and historical accuracy. You’ll experience the real struggles that our ancient ancestors faced, from hunting mammoths to fending off rival tribes.


The game’s stunning graphics and immersive soundtrack will transport you to a bygone era, and you’ll find yourself completely absorbed in the game’s rich and fascinating world. Dawn of Man is a game that will challenge you, thrill you, and leave you wanting more. If you’re a fan of strategy games or simply fascinated by human history, then this game is an absolute must-play.

50. Industries of Titan

Voila! You will be blown away by the sheer depth and complexity of Industries of Titan. This futuristic city-building game takes you on a thrilling journey to colonize and exploit Saturn’s moon, Titan. You will need to use your strategic thinking and management skills to build a thriving metropolis, extract resources, and defend against hostile forces.


But Industries of Titan is not your ordinary city-building game. It offers an immersive experience with an intricate tech tree, customizable factions, and a dynamic world that changes based on your decisions. You can research and unlock new technologies to advance your industry and gain an edge over your competitors. You can choose to align with different factions, each with their unique benefits and drawbacks, and compete for dominance on Titan.


As you progress, you will face new challenges and threats, from environmental disasters to alien invasions. You will need to adapt and evolve to survive and thrive in this hostile world. And with the game’s advanced simulation engine, every decision you make will have consequences that ripple throughout your city and beyond.


Industries of Titan is a game that will keep you engaged for hours on end, exploring new possibilities and overcoming new challenges. It’s a must-play for fans of strategy and city-building games who crave something fresh and innovative. So get ready to embark on a journey to the edge of the solar system and build the ultimate industrial empire on Titan.

51. Alien Horizon

Alien Horizon is a captivating sci-fi survival city builder that takes place on a hostile alien planet. As the Earth is on the verge of destruction, humanity comes together and launches sleeper ships to nearby planets that could be potentially habitable. Unfortunately, the alien planet you land on is far from welcoming, but your survival instincts must kick in if you want to make it through.


This game features complex resource management, no contact with Earth, exploration of a large randomly generated map, research, management of public transport, a system of laws (which will be expanded in the future), and much more. While the game is still in development, it is currently available for free until further notice.

52. Planetbase

Planetbase, like Aven Colony and Surviving Mars, is a city-building management game in which you oversee a group of space colonists seeking to establish a home on a foreign planet.


You take on the role of the migrants’ chief manager, tasked with overseeing the building of vital facilities that ensure your subjects’ survival and comfort. Plus, you must strive to make the best of the planet’s own resources and harvest them when available while battling the harsh and brutal climate of the strange planet.

53. Stronghold: Warlord

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Ever wondered what it’s like to rule over ancient Asian civilizations and conquer your foes? Stronghold Warlord lets you live out that fantasy. This epic real-time strategy game transports you to the times of warring states in ancient Asia. You’ll take on the role of a warlord, building up your fortress and gathering resources to train and equip your armies. With a variety of units, buildings, and technologies at your disposal, you’ll have to make strategic decisions to emerge victorious in battle. But it’s not all about war – you’ll also have to keep your people happy and your economy stable in order to thrive.


But the thrill of Stronghold Warlord doesn’t stop there. The game’s immersive storyline brings you into the heart of historical events, with missions based on actual conflicts and locations from ancient Asia. Whether you’re leading a charge against rival warlords or defending your kingdom from invasions, you’ll feel like a true leader in this captivating game. Don’t miss out on the chance to conquer ancient Asia – play Stronghold Warlord today!

54. Celestial Empire

Celestial Empire is an immersive strategy game that takes players on a journey to ancient China. Set in a richly detailed world filled with vibrant colours and stunning landscapes, players will navigate the complexities of ruling an empire, building a civilization from the ground up, and engaging in diplomacy and warfare with neighbouring nations.

As players progress through the game, they’ll encounter a wealth of challenges that will test their skills as a leader and strategists. They’ll need to manage resources, cultivate alliances, build infrastructure, and make strategic decisions that will ultimately determine the fate of their empire.

What sets Celestial Empire apart from other strategy games is its attention to detail and commitment to historical accuracy. From the architecture and clothing to the music and mythology, every aspect of the game is steeped in the rich cultural heritage of ancient China.

Whether you’re a history buff, a strategy game enthusiast, or simply looking for a captivating and immersive gaming experience, Celestial Empire is sure to delight and inspire. So why not join the ranks of the great emperors of old and embark on a journey to build the greatest empire the world has ever known?

55. Spirit & Stone

Spirit and Stone is an upcoming city-building game that packs a punch. It takes you on an open-ended journey of a kingdom, starting from a humble village to a bustling patchwork of castles. With a block-by-block building system, you get to create your kingdom the way you want it. Explore the world, develop your industries, and watch your citizens thrive in your creations. There are no wrong choices in this game, giving you the freedom to build and manage your kingdom to your heart’s content.

56. Timberborn

Hola dear adventurer, welcome to Timberborn – a unique city-building game where you’ll shape the fate of a society of lumberpunk beavers. Set in a post-apocalyptic world where humans have long gone extinct, you are tasked with leading a colony of beavers to build a thriving society in a world where water is the most precious resource.


In Timberborn, you’ll need to think strategically and adapt to the harsh environment. Construct an intricate network of canals and dams to control the flow of water, preventing flooding and droughts that can wipe out your colony. Harvest resources, manage your workforce, and build a bustling beaver metropolis filled with a variety of architectural styles.


As you progress, you’ll encounter new challenges and opportunities. Explore the surrounding wilderness to discover new resources, fend off dangerous predators, and interact with other beaver colonies. Customize your colony with unique buildings, decorations, and policies, and watch as your beavers thrive under your leadership.


With gorgeous graphics, a dynamic weather system, and an engaging gameplay loop, Timberborn offers a truly unique experience for city-building enthusiasts. Embrace your inner beaver and take on the challenge of building a thriving society in a world where nature reigns supreme.

57. Valheim

Hey there, have you heard about Valheim? It’s a game that’s been taking the gaming world by storm lately. In Valheim, you play as a Viking warrior who’s been sent to a mystical realm of the same name. Your goal is to explore the land, gather resources, craft tools and weapons, and build a base to survive against the dangerous creatures that inhabit the world. You can play with friends and take on bosses together, or go solo and forge your own path. With its charming low-poly graphics, immersive gameplay, and unique Nordic-inspired setting, Valheim is definitely worth checking out.

58. Make Your Kingdom

Make Your Kingdom is a charming game that invites you to become the ruler of your own kingdom. With a colourful and whimsical design, the game allows you to build and manage your kingdom as you see fit. From building structures and managing resources, to interacting with quirky characters and exploring new lands, there is so much to discover in this delightful world. As you progress through the game, you’ll face challenges and make important decisions that will shape the fate of your kingdom. Whether you’re a seasoned strategy game fan or a newcomer to the genre, Make Your Kingdom offers a fun and enchanting experience that is sure to captivate players of all ages.

59. Aquatico

With a unique twist to the city-building genre where you are normally charged with a terrestrial domain, Aquatico takes you on an adventure in the underwater world. As a player, you are tasked with building and managing an underwater colony to ensure the survival of your people. You will need to carefully balance the needs of your citizens with the resources available to you, and make strategic decisions to expand your colony and thrive.


Explore the vast and beautiful underwater world, encounter exotic sea creatures, and discover the mysteries of the deep. With stunning visuals and a tranquil soundtrack, Aquatico offers a serene and immersive gaming experience. The game also features a unique research system, allowing you to unlock new technologies and structures as you progress.


As you build your underwater city, you’ll face a range of challenges such as limited resources, harsh weather conditions, and dangerous predators. But with careful planning and management, you can overcome these obstacles and create a thriving underwater metropolis. Aquatico offers a refreshing take on the city-building genre, and is a must-play for fans of simulation games.

60. Northgard

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Prepare for an adventurous voyage through the Viking era! As a survivor of the direst situations, you’ll lead your clansmen across the seas to tame new lands and venture for dominance. The game immerses you in an epic thrill of rulership, with exciting quests for hunting, trading, farming, and exploration. Plus, with three game modes to choose from— story, sandbox, and multiplayer mode, you will never get bored. Don’t miss out on this breathtaking city-building gameplay Northgard today!

61. Rimworld

Rimworld is a survival game that tests your ability to lead a group of stranded colonists in a harsh and unforgiving world. From the moment you crash-land on an unknown planet, you must navigate through various challenges, including hunger, disease, and attacks from hostile forces.


One of the strengths of Rimworld is its unique and sophisticated AI system, which allows the game to create dynamic and unpredictable stories. Each colonist has their own unique personality, skills, and traits, which can have a significant impact on how they interact with the world and with each other. As a result, every playthrough of Rimworld feels like a new and exciting adventure, full of surprises and unexpected twists.


In addition to its AI system, Rimworld also boasts a deep and complex crafting system, which allows you to build and manage your own colony from scratch. Whether you’re building a cozy little homestead or a sprawling megacity, there are endless possibilities to explore and experiment with.


Overall, Rimworld is a remarkable game that manages to combine deep and complex mechanics with engaging storytelling and endless replayability. If you’re looking for a game that will challenge your strategic thinking and keep you entertained for hours on end, Rimworld is definitely worth checking out.

62. Kingdoms Reborn

Hope you aren’t bored of traditional city-building games because Kingdoms Reborn is here to shake things up. This game introduces a new level of challenge to the genre, where you will be tasked with not only building a prosperous city but also managing a thriving economy and delicate diplomacy.


Starting from a small settlement, you will gradually expand your kingdom by constructing buildings, roads, and managing resources. However, the challenge comes when you need to maintain a balance between your resources, population, and economy to avoid disasters such as famine, disease, and rebellion.


With its realistic and immersive gameplay, Kingdoms Reborn allows players to experience the joys and pains of ruling a medieval kingdom. The game boasts a beautiful art style and intuitive UI that make it accessible to players of all levels.


One of the unique features of Kingdoms Reborn is the diplomacy system that allows you to form alliances, declare wars, and negotiate treaties with other kingdoms. This adds a new layer of complexity and realism to the game that will keep players engaged for hours on end.


Overall, Kingdoms Reborn is a must-play for any strategy game enthusiast looking for a challenging and immersive experience.

63. Endzone: A World Apart

As we move on towards a future of uncertainty, Endzone: A World Apart presents a dystopian world where humanity struggles to survive after a devastating nuclear disaster. This city-building simulation game tests your strategic skills as you strive to rebuild civilization in the harsh conditions of a post-apocalyptic world.


Players must navigate through a hostile environment and scarce resources while managing a growing population and expanding infrastructure. The game features a deep technology tree, a dynamic weather system, and a variety of different factions with their own unique goals and abilities.


Endzone: A World Apart also places a strong emphasis on the consequences of player’s actions, with each decision affecting the world around you. Will you become a ruthless dictator, hoarding resources and controlling your citizens with an iron fist? Or will you become a compassionate leader, working tirelessly to rebuild a better world for all?


This game is a true test of survival and management skills, where the stakes are high and the challenges are endless. Are you ready to take on the ultimate post-apocalyptic challenge?

64. World Turtles

Do you yearn for a unique and refreshing take on the city-building genre? Look no further than World Turtles, a game that will take your expectations and flip them on their head. Instead of building your city on the ground, you’ll be constructing and maintaining a bustling civilization on the back of a colossal turtle, wandering through the heavenly clouds.


In World Turtles, you’ll face a host of challenges as you strive to create a thriving society atop the wandering creature. You’ll need to manage resources carefully, plan out your city’s layout, and contend with the occasional crisis that comes with the territory. But with the right combination of foresight and ingenuity, you’ll be able to turn your small settlement into a thriving metropolis, all while exploring the stunning landscapes of the world beneath your feet.


With its unique twist on the city-building genre, World Turtles takes the concept to another level entirely. You’ll love the sense of adventure and discovery that comes with exploring the world and managing your civilization atop a colossal turtle. So why wait? Come and see what all the excitement is about and start building your kingdom today!

65. Pioneers of Pagonia

The upcoming city-builder, Pioneers of Pagonia, offers a thrilling experience of exploration, discovery and reuniting the fantastical islands of Pagonia. With over 40 different buildings and more than 70 types of goods at your disposal, you can manage widely branched production chains and establish your economy. As a visionary leader, travel through countless islands and forge alliances with scattered villages, gaining their trust by helping each other.


Send out your pioneers to discover untouched soil, hidden resources and explore secret places. The inviting world of Pagonia offers thousands of bustling inhabitants who eagerly await your orders. Every transport of goods, manufacturing process, and discovery is presented with lovely animations in this ultimate game world simulation.


In Pioneers of Pagonia, use your creativity to build up your road network and economy, with an enormous depth of play. Protect your population from hostile animals, plundering bandits, and mythical creatures. The procedurally generated maps offer infinite variations, providing new challenges every time you play.


Enjoy the captivating and fantastical world of Pagonia, where your carefully considered decisions shape the fate of the inhabitants. Pioneers of Pagonia offers an immersive and thrilling gameplay experience that will keep you coming back for more.

66. Surviving Mars

Surviving Mars is an intense city-building and management simulation game that transports you to the harsh and unforgiving terrain of the red planet. 


As the leader of a space agency tasked with establishing a human colony on Mars, you’ll encounter a multitude of obstacles as you strive to sustain life on this desolate planet. With limited resources, brutal weather conditions, and potential extraterrestrial threats, your skills and ingenuity will be put to the test as you navigate the challenging terrain. 


The game’s intricate mechanics and deep strategic elements make Surviving Mars a captivating and engaging experience for both seasoned gamers and newcomers alike. So buckle up and get ready to embark on a thrilling adventure to build and maintain a thriving Martian colony that will stand the test of time.

67. Dorfromantik

Divinely inspired and visually stunning, Dorfromantik is a tranquil and engaging strategy game that invites you to create your very own idyllic countryside. In this game, you’re tasked with building a rural landscape by placing tiles to create picturesque towns, lush forests, babbling brooks, and rolling hills.


With each new tile placement, the world of Dorfromantik expands, and you’ll find yourself facing new challenges and opportunities. You’ll need to use your strategic planning skills to make sure that your towns and villages are properly connected, and that the landscape is optimized for maximum beauty and functionality.


What makes Dorfromantik so special is its perfect blend of simplicity and depth. The game’s art style is both beautiful and calming, while the gameplay itself is surprisingly complex and challenging. Whether you’re a fan of strategy games or just looking for a relaxing way to unwind, Dorfromantik is sure to charm and captivate you.

68. Abyssals

Abyssals is an upcoming survival city builder set in the depths of an inhospitable planet’s ocean. Humanity has sent you on a mission to build and expand an underwater colony while exploring the dark depths where light cannot reach and resources are scarce. You’ll need to power your lamps and expand your infrastructure while being cautious of the dangerous creatures that lurk in the darkness.


In the aftermath of Earth’s devastation, the Abyssal Colonization Project was initiated to establish a new human civilization on the newly discovered planet, Abyss-62e. However, the planet’s atmosphere is toxic, and its ecosystem is powered by an almost impenetrable radiation. The fauna here has developed in unpredictable and dangerous ways, lurking beyond the reach of our beacons.


Survival depends on building a strong light and oxygen infrastructure and optimizing energy sources while researching the environment to upgrade technology. Mine, harvest, and fish to gather resources and expand your colony in the depths. Humanity’s future depends on your ability to settle and thrive in the dangerous darkness of Abyss-62e.

69. The Settlers: New Allies

The Settlers: New Allies is a visually stunning strategy game that offers players an immersive build-up experience and real-time strategic battles. The game has been completely reimagined from the ground up with intricate animations and stunning graphics.


Players can choose from three distinct factions – the Elari, the Maru, and the Jorn – each with their unique playstyle, look, and background story. The game offers a captivating story-driven campaign set in the world of the Settlers, along with a challenging Hardcore mode that provides additional obstacles for the players to overcome. For long-lasting fun, players can go head-to-head with up to eight players online in thrilling skirmish battles against other players or AI.


Whether you’re a fan of the Settlers franchise or a newcomer to the series, The Settlers: New Allies promises an engaging and satisfying strategy game experience.

70. Valand

Play Video

Valand is a city-building simulator.


You have nothing except your arms and legs. However, it can’t be very simple.


Barbarians are raging in the world and they are hungry for profit and easy money, your safety is above all. Rebuild houses, develop your own army, build a huge fence around your territory and do everything to survive.

71. InfraSpace

InfraSpace is a strategic simulation game that challenges players to build and manage their own space colony. Set in a distant future where humanity has expanded beyond Earth, players take on the role of a colony manager tasked with developing a self-sustaining society on an alien planet.


The game features a complex and detailed economy system that requires players to balance resource management, research and development, and infrastructure building to ensure their colony thrives. Players must also manage the well-being of their colonists, providing them with food, shelter, and other necessities, while also keeping them safe from environmental hazards and potential threats from other colonies.


One of the unique features of InfraSpace is the ability for players to customize and design their colony’s infrastructure and layout. This includes everything from buildings and transportation systems to the placement of natural resources and the development of technologies to support their colony’s growth.


The game also offers a dynamic environment that changes over time and presents new challenges for players to overcome. This includes weather patterns, geological events, and encounters with alien life forms that can impact the success of a player’s colony.


Overall, InfraSpace offers a compelling and challenging experience for players who enjoy strategic management and simulation games. With its intricate economy system, detailed infrastructure design options, and dynamic environment, the game provides hours of engaging gameplay and rewards players who are willing to think critically and make strategic decisions to ensure their colony’s success.

72. The Wandering Village

The Wandering Village is a unique and captivating city-building simulation game that takes place on the back of a wandering creature in a post-apocalyptic world contaminated by poisonous plants. As the leader of a small group of survivors seeking refuge, players must build and expand their settlement over the creature’s back while forming a symbiotic relationship with it to survive in this hostile environment.


In this game, players must continuously adapt their village as they travel through different biomes, each with its unique climate zones and challenges. The limited space available on the creature’s back requires players to plan production chains and optimize them efficiently, creating a society that can overcome any challenge. Moreover, players must live in symbiosis with the creature, utilizing mutual trust to ensure their survival, or become a parasite that aims to ensure a better life for their villagers.


As players explore different biomes and forage for rare resources, they must also research new technologies that can help them survive in this harsh environment. However, they must use these technologies wisely, as progress can be a double-edged sword.


Surviving the wastelands means overcoming numerous challenges, including poisonous spores, merciless weather, bloodsucking parasites, and more. The game presents a unique and challenging experience that rewards strategic thinking, critical decision-making, and adaptability to overcome the odds stacked against you. Overall, The Wandering Village is an exciting and captivating game that offers hours of engaging gameplay and a captivating storyline that will keep players on the edge of their seats.

73. LakeSide

LakeSide is a charming city builder game that offers players the chance to create their dream town or city by the peaceful shores of a tranquil lake. With 2D side-scrolling pixel art, the game offers a unique blend of classic city-building gameplay with modern mechanics. The game features over 60 different building variations and counting, each with their own unique look and function. Players can create their own custom architectural and cultural changes to make their town truly one-of-a-kind.


As players progress and expand their city, they can unlock epic world wonders that will attract visitors from all over the world. With a choice of three different background scenarios to start from, each game run offers a different set of available buildings, ensuring that every playthrough is fresh and exciting.


In LakeSide, players must manage their resources carefully and ensure that their citizens are happy and healthy. As the city grows, new challenges will arise, and players must adapt their strategies to keep up with the demands of their expanding population. With powerful rewards for expanding your palace and unlocking new buildings, LakeSide offers a satisfying sense of progression and growth.


Whether you’re looking to create a cozy lakeside town or an impressive city state, LakeSide offers a relaxing and engaging city-building experience that is sure to keep you coming back for more.

74. Complex SKY

Complex SKY is a captivating game that takes players on a journey through a mysterious and surreal world of floating islands and ancient ruins. Set in a beautifully rendered open world, players take on the role of a lone adventurer tasked with uncovering the secrets of this strange and wondrous land.


With its unique gameplay mechanics, Complex SKY challenges players to navigate treacherous terrain, solve intricate puzzles, and battle dangerous creatures in order to progress. As players explore the world, they uncover clues and pieces of a larger narrative, discovering the hidden history and secrets of this captivating world.


One of the most fascinating aspects of Complex SKY is the game’s innovative crafting and building system. Using materials found throughout the world, players can construct their own bases and structures, customizing and expanding their home base to suit their needs and preferences.


With its stunning visuals, immersive gameplay, and deep lore, Complex SKY offers a truly mesmerizing experience for players who crave exploration, adventure, and creativity. Whether players choose to follow the main questline or simply explore the world at their leisure, Complex SKY offers a rich and rewarding experience that is sure to captivate and enchant players for hours on end.

75. Home Wind

Get ready to unwind and let your creativity soar with Home Wind, a delightful and cozy city-building game for Windows and Mac. This free indie game offers a minimalist and relaxing gameplay experience that invites players to build and manage their own settlements using proximity tactics and strategic planning.


With its procedurally generated world and grid-less design, Home Wind offers endless possibilities for players to create and design their perfect town. As players progress through the game’s over 100 levels, they can earn contracts and unlock larger maps, allowing them to expand their settlement and improve their prosperity score.


Unlike traditional city-building games that can be complex and overwhelming, Home Wind offers a more casual and laid-back experience. Its straightforward gameplay mechanics make it easy for players of all skill levels to enjoy, and its charming visuals and soothing soundtrack create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere that is perfect for a chill evening of gameplay.


So if you’re looking for a fun and fulfilling game that will help you unwind and exercise your creativity, look no further than Home Wind.

76. Synergy

The upcoming Synergy game offers a thrilling survival city-building experience, where players must navigate the challenges of a hostile planet to develop and maintain their city. With natural disasters and extreme weather conditions posing constant threats, players must manage resources carefully and make strategic decisions to ensure the survival and happiness of their people.


One of the game’s standout features is its dynamic weather and environment system, which changes according to seasons and natural events. Players must adapt their city’s development to these changes, exploring and analyzing the world to stay ahead of the curve and keep their citizens safe.


But Synergy is more than just a survival game – it’s also a city-building game, with the happiness of inhabitants being the top priority. Players must respect the physical and mental needs of their people, while also living in harmony with the planet’s fauna and flora. With a range of short and long-term choices available, as well as multiple scenarios and a sandbox mode for experimentation, Synergy offers endless opportunities for creative and strategic gameplay.


If you’re a fan of survival and city-building games, Synergy is a must-play. With its immersive environment, challenging gameplay, and deep strategic elements, Synergy is sure to offer a thrilling and rewarding experience for players of all skill levels. Get ready to build the ultimate city and lead humanity to survival!

77. Thrive: Heavy Lies The Crown

Thrive: Heavy Lies The Crown is an upcoming city-builder game set in a Medieval Fantasy world. In this game, the fate of your kingdom is in your hands as you make critical decisions that shape the destiny of your people. The game offers real-time combat, where you can engage with your friends or alone, and explore, expand and influence unknown lands.


As the ruler of your kingdom, you have to make challenging decisions that determine whether you’re a benevolent leader or a tyrant. Every choice you make has a significant impact on your legacy, and the consequences are real-time. You must establish your presence in a vast 4X land, where you can compete for resources and develop relationships with numerous AI villages and kingdoms.


To survive in this harsh environment, you must plan, advance and make use of an in-depth tech tree to grow and develop your kingdom. With every success, you’ll gain more options to empower or enforce your rule. With the unpredictability of weather and the mysterious Waelgrim, your reign is continuously under pressure, and you must prove that you have what it takes to thrive.


Thrive offers an impressive combat system that reflects the reality and costs of war. Your soldiers’ deaths affect morale, ammunition needs resupply, and troops experience fatigue, among other factors. You must approach all conflicts with a clear strategy and a long-term vision.


Overall, Thrive: Heavy Lies The Crown is a mature and engaging city-builder game that challenges you to make critical decisions, establish your legacy, and lead your people to prosperity.

78. Atomic Society

Atomic Society is a post-apocalyptic city-building game that requires players to navigate the challenging and unpredictable world of rebuilding society from scratch. In this game, players take on the role of the leader of a small community of survivors who must work together to create a thriving new civilization in the ruins of the old world.


What sets Atomic Society apart is its emphasis on player choice and morality. As the leader, players must make critical decisions about how to allocate resources, resolve disputes, and establish laws and policies that will guide the future of their community. However, these choices are not always easy, and players must often grapple with difficult ethical dilemmas as they balance the needs of their people with their own personal values.


With its immersive gameplay, richly imagined world, and engaging moral challenges, Atomic Society is a game that will appeal to players who enjoy both strategy and storytelling. Whether you’re a fan of city-building games or post-apocalyptic fiction, this game offers a unique and compelling experience that will keep you hooked for hours on end.


In short, Atomic Society is a game that challenges players to think deeply about the nature of society, morality, and leadership. If you’re ready to test your strategic thinking and moral compass, then this game is the perfect choice for you. So, gather your survivors, start rebuilding, and create a new future for humanity in Atomic Society.

79. Nova Patria

We are thrilled to provide a sneak peek of our upcoming game, Nova Patria. This game is set in an alternate reality where the Roman Empire persisted and thrived, entering a second era of Pax Romana that led to the discovery and colonization of the New World. As the empire teeters on the edge of an early industrial revolution, you are responsible for overseeing a new colony. Your objective is to plan, optimize, and expand your colony, amassing wealth and power in a fast-evolving world, and elevating the glory of the empire to unprecedented heights.

80. Mossfield Origins

Get ready to embark on an exciting adventure into the world of Mossfield Origins! As an upcoming city-builder-style game, you have the unique opportunity to create and refine a self-sustaining community for your residents. In this game, there is no time pressure or external forces, so you can take your time to build the perfect city.


What makes Mossfield Origins stand out from other builder games is that all buildings are constructed from the same foundation, providing a unique and unified look. You’ll need to upgrade your buildings via a tech tree to refine and redefine your space over time. Progress through research levels to unlock new technology, but keep in mind that as you level up, resident expectations will also rise.


In Mossfield Origins, you play the role of the community’s savior. Your mission is to undo the harm done by the ones before us. You’ll need to dismantle abandoned research facilities and repurpose their technology to create a better life for your residents.


With plenty of recreation time available, research ways to improve your community and develop new methods to tackle challenges. Discover new building options and technologies to upgrade your space and make it more livable.


Mossfield Origins is the perfect game for anyone who loves a relaxing, immersive city-builder experience. With its unique foundation-based building system, expansive tech tree, and intriguing storyline, this upcoming game is sure to become a fan favourite. Get ready to step into the world of Mossfield Origins and create the perfect community from scratch!

81. Songs of Syx

Songs of Syx is a city-building strategy game that provides a uniquely immersive experience for players. Set in a vast world that stretches beyond the horizon, this game tasks you with building and maintaining a thriving civilization, from the ground up.


What sets Songs of Syx apart is the level of depth and complexity in its gameplay mechanics. Players have the freedom to build and customize their settlements in any way they see fit, from the layout of the city to the laws that govern it. But this freedom comes with a price, as players must also grapple with the challenges that come with managing a growing population, allocating resources, and defending their city against enemies.


As you progress through the game, you’ll have the chance to unlock new technologies, expand your city’s borders, and trade with neighbouring kingdoms. But success is never guaranteed, and you’ll need to make smart decisions and prioritize your resources if you want to thrive.


In addition to its engrossing gameplay, Songs of Syx is also notable for its stunning visuals and detailed world-building. Every aspect of the game, from the landscapes and environments to the characters and cultures, has been carefully crafted to provide an immersive and fully-realized experience.


Overall, Songs of Syx is a game that will appeal to anyone who enjoys deep, engaging strategy games that offer a high degree of customization and challenge.

82. Moons of Ardan

Moons of Ardan is a space-themed city-building game that presents players with the task of rebuilding a civilization on a deserted moon after crash-landing. The game features a unique blend of resource management and citizens’ well-being, similar to the acclaimed Anno series, but set in a living, simulated planetary system.


As players progress through the game, they must strategically manage resources, establish production chains, and expand their colony. The game challenges players to balance the needs of their growing population with the limited resources available on the moon. Additionally, players must contend with the challenges of a planetary ecosystem, such as pollution, that threaten the sustainability of their colony.


Players must also manage the output of buildings through a factory slot system, allowing for the fine-tuning of the production of raw materials and end-products. As the game progresses, players will explore other moons around the gas planet Ardan and establish trade routes to transfer resources between settlements.


Moons of Ardan features a handcrafted, real-time planetary system, stunning planetary views, 4 tiers of population progression, over 45 resources to collect and manage, and over 60 unique buildings to construct, each with its own specific functions and benefits. The game also includes a dynamic pollution system, a gridless and organic city-building system, a powerful space route system, and a priority system for job assignments.


With its comprehensive tutorial system and tailor-made soundtrack by Christophe Hubermont, Moons of Ardan is accessible to a wide range of players. Players can choose to play at their own pace and even pause the game to plan their expansion.

83. Roman Triumph

Dear thanks for sticking with me till the end of this list, now here comes my description of Roman Triumph: Survival City Builder game.


Roman Triumph is a city-building game that combines elements of survival and strategy. Set in ancient Rome, the game puts you in charge of building and managing a thriving city while also defending it against the dangers of the surrounding environment and other players.


The game features a detailed and historically accurate recreation of ancient Rome, complete with iconic landmarks like the Colosseum and the Pantheon. You’ll need to manage resources like food, water, and building materials to keep your citizens happy and your city thriving. At the same time, you’ll need to construct defenses to protect your city from raiders and other threats.


One unique feature of Roman Triumph is the inclusion of Roman triumphs, which were celebratory parades held after successful military campaigns. In the game, you can earn triumphs by defeating enemy armies and winning battles. These triumphs give you bonuses like increased resources and improved military units.


As you progress through the game, you’ll have the opportunity to research new technologies and unlock new buildings and units. You’ll also need to manage relationships with other players and AI factions, engaging in diplomacy and trade to ensure your city’s survival.


Overall, Roman Triumph offers a rich and immersive experience for players who enjoy city-building, strategy, and historical settings. Whether you’re a fan of ancient Rome or simply enjoy challenging, immersive games, Roman Triumph is definitely worth checking out.

84. Pharaoh

Play Video

Nostalgia never lingers, they stick with the soul! Pharaoh, the city-building game set in Ancient Egypt, is one such game that has remained an icon in the gaming world. With its bomb inception in 1999, Pharaoh quickly captured the hearts of strategy gamers everywhere with its immersive gameplay and detailed depiction of Ancient Egypt.


In Pharaoh, players assume the role of a pharaoh, tasked with building and managing a thriving city in the Nile River valley. From managing resources such as food and water, to constructing buildings and managing the workforce, the game requires a mix of strategy, resource management, and city planning skills.


What truly sets Pharaoh apart from other city-building games is its attention to detail and historical accuracy. From the intricate artwork and music, to the detailed depictions of everyday life in Ancient Egypt, the game provides an immersive experience that transports players back in time.


Despite its age, Pharaoh remains a popular game to this day, with a devoted following of fans who still enjoy playing and modding the game. Its enduring popularity is a testament to its strength as a game, and its continued influence on the city-building genre is undeniable.


In conclusion, Pharaoh is a game that stands the test of time, thanks to its strong gameplay, attention to detail, and historical accuracy. It will forever be remembered as a classic and an icon of the gaming world, and its impact on the city-building genre will continue to be felt for years to come.

85. Pharaoh: A New Era

In honour of the original Pharaoh game, Pharaoh: A New Era returns with a bang. Relive the nostalgia of the golden age of city builders with this 4K remake that modernizes the user interface and gameplay mechanics. Spanning over 4,000 years of history and offering more than 50 missions, embark on a journey to create one of the greatest civilizations that the world has ever seen.


As you cultivate the fertile lands along the Nile valley, you will erect the iconic monuments of Ancient Egypt, including the pyramids, the Sphinx, and the Lighthouse of Alexandria. To ensure the prosperity of your city, manage all aspects of its development, from its economy and external trade to culture, health, agriculture, education, and more. With the overall well-being of your city and its residents indicated through various monitoring tools, ensure your city thrives despite the flooding of the Nile, wars, furies of the gods, and plagues of Egypt.


Pharaoh: A New Era offers a complete experience that comprises over 50 playable missions and over 100 hours of gameplay. In the “Campaign” mode, experience a unique story that immerses you in the heart of Ancient Egypt, while the “Free Build” mode allows you to unleash your creativity and build the metropolis of your dreams.


The Ultra HD remake of Pharaoh: A New Era enhances gameplay mechanics to modern standards, redesigns the captivating soundtrack, and updates the gorgeous isometric 2D graphics. The result is a breathtaking view of budding settlements and lively cities sprawling across the Egyptian sands.


Pharaoh: A New Era also offers hundreds of gameplay changes, including a reworked UI, the New Nilometer Indicator, new and redesigned mechanics, the ability to quickly copy-paste buildings, and the option to disable predators, among others.


Celebrate 20 years since the release of the famous franchise and rediscover 4,000 years of history in this cult classic remake. Experience a rich, complex, and unique gameplay, develop your economy with neighbouring cities, and make your civilization thrive while facing the elements of Egypt. Lead your people through a rich 50+ missions and 100+ hour campaign, or unwind and build the metropolis of your dreams.

86. Caesar III

Oh! Oh!! Oh!!! Just as the old saying goes, all roads lead to Rome. And in Caesar III, you are the one who gets to build those roads and lead the great Roman Empire to victory. Strap on your toga and prepare to immerse yourself in the strategy, the glory, and the power of ancient Rome.


In Caesar III, you take on the role of a Roman governor, charged with building a thriving city and expanding the reach of the Empire. You must balance the needs of your citizens with the demands of the Emperor, managing everything from food and water to religion and entertainment. You’ll construct grand buildings and impressive monuments, train your armies, and engage in battles with neighboring cities and barbarian hordes.


But it’s not just about conquering and expanding. You must also ensure that your city runs smoothly, with a happy and healthy population. Your decisions will impact the lives of your citizens, from the lowly farmer to the wealthy senator. Will you be a benevolent leader, or a ruthless tyrant?


With stunning 2D graphics and an immersive soundtrack, Caesar III brings ancient Rome to life like never before. You’ll feel the heat of the sun on your face as you survey your bustling city, and the thunder of hooves as your troops march to battle. With a deep and complex gameplay system, you’ll never run out of challenges and opportunities to test your skills as a leader and strategist.


So join the ranks of Julius Caesar, Augustus, and other great leaders of the Roman Empire. Will you build a city that will stand the test of time, or will your reign crumble like the ruins of the Colosseum? The fate of Rome is in your hands.

87. Caesar IV

The long-awaited sequel to one of the most beloved strategy games of all time is finally here: Caesar 4. Set in ancient Rome, this game puts you in the shoes of a governor, tasked with building and managing a bustling city in the heart of the empire.


As you begin your journey, you’ll face a myriad of challenges, from managing scarce resources to fending off invading armies. But with careful planning, cunning strategy, and a little bit of luck, you can build a city that will stand the test of time.


What truly sets Caesar 4 apart is its unparalleled attention to detail. Every aspect of the game, from the architecture to the politics, has been meticulously researched and recreated, giving players an immersive and authentic experience of life in ancient Rome.


But don’t be fooled by the game’s historical accuracy – there’s still plenty of room for creativity and innovation. With a wide range of building options and a complex economy system, you can shape your city to your own liking, creating a thriving metropolis that will make even Caesar himself jealous.


And with stunning graphics, epic sound design, and a rich, engaging storyline, Caesar 4 is a game that will keep you hooked for hours on end. So what are you waiting for? Take up the mantle of governor, and see if you have what it takes to rule Rome in this thrilling new installment of the classic Caesar franchise.


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Idehen Ebenezer

Idehen Ebenezer

Ebenezer, aka "Johnwaxon", is a freelance writer, chess player, aspiring programmer, and CG Artist. His ardent love for video games is what compels him to write engaging content for others who share the same interest. He specialises in the gaming, software, film, and entertainment niche.

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