30 Best Award Winning Animated Short Ever!

best animated short films

Are you tired of swiping through the same videos on repeat? Do you find yourself scrolling through endless click-bait content, hoping for something sensational? Have you forgotten what it’s like to feel truly moved by something on YouTube? Well, my friend, your search is over!


Get ready to discover a world of hidden gems, selflessly curated by our team at SpizyTrends! For these masterpieces have been overlooked and underappreciated for far too long.


From the heartwarming and inspiring to downright thrilling, our top 10 picks will leave you in awe.


We’ve scoured every inch of the web to bring you the most charming, fun, and positively awkward “short” you’ll ever find!


It’s time to break free from the monotony and indulge in something truly extraordinary.


So, don’t just stand there? Hop in as we embark on this indelible adventure!


Grab some snacks, and brace yourself… Plus! Also, hold onto a handkerchief (just in case).


1. Best Friends

Prepare to be moved to tears by one of the most touching short films you’ll ever come across – “Best Friends”. Released by Gobelin, this sci-fi masterpiece took home the coveted Best Student Film Award in View Conference 2018 and for a good reason.


Best Friends delves into the poignant story of a young man, revealing his struggle with depression and loneliness. With no real friends to rely on, he turns to virtual companions of artificially generated friends.


Gradually, he becomes deeply rooted in them, further isolating himself from the outside world. But in a sudden twist of events, his life takes a drastic turn, forever altering his path.


In Best Friends, the interpretation of the story is left to you. You get to view it from a personal level, based on how you spend your life.


Moreover, Best Friend is a prime example of Gobelin’s masterworks, captivating you from the very start. It imbibes an irresistible chasm in you, keeping you intrigued until the very end.


It’s just one of the many impressive works by Gobelin, including “Duo“, “Souffle-court“, “La Neige Incertaine“, and “Louise“. Once you dive into their world, you will never want to leave.

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2. Le Gouffre

Le Gouffre is another animated short film that has left an indelible mark in the world of animation. What’s truly inspiring about it, is that, the short film was made by just a small team of three animators over the course of two years.


Le Gouffre follows the journey of two young adventurers who decide to build a bridge to cross an immense chasm they come across.


Thanks to its successful Kickstarter campaign, it was able to gain worldwide recognition, being selected in over 60 festivals and winning nine awards, including four for “Best Animated Short”. It is a film of twists and turns that will send you on a rollercoaster of emotions.


It remains one of the greatest animated short films ever created and a testament to the power of passion and determination.

best animated short films

3. Period Drama

Period Drama is a short film about a young girl named Georgiana Crimsworth who experiences her first period in mediaeval times. Despite its recent debut, it has garnered widespread acclaim and multiple awards since its release last year.


The short film begins with Georgiana finding blood on her sheets. She is unprepared for this event, and she begins to panic. She imagines all sorts of terrible things that could be happening to her, mistaking herself to be dying or cursed by a witch.


Georgiana’s fears are compounded by the superstitions and prejudices of the time. In mediaeval times, menstruation was seen as a sign of impurity. Women were often ostracized during their periods, and they were sometimes even accused of witchcraft.


Georgiana’s story is a reminder that coming of age can be a difficult and confusing time. However, it is also a time of great possibility. Georgiana eventually learns to embrace the fact, and she comes to see it as a sign of her strength and power.


Altogether, Period Drama is a unique and groundbreaking film that is sure to leave a lasting impression. It is a film that will resonate with anyone who has ever experienced the awkwardness and fear of coming of age. It intertwines comedy and horror themes to tell its story. 

animated short films youtube

4. Happiness

Happiness is a short film that resonates with everyone in these trying times. It is a compelling film that will make you pause and reflect on your own existence.


Created by the incredibly talented animator Steve Cuts, the film uses rats as a metaphor for humanity in its pursuit of the unattainable. It delivers a powerful message about the never-ending quest for material wealth that many people engage in today, believing that it will bring them happiness.


When you finish watching the film, you realize that true happiness does not come from how much you have, but from how content you are with yourself. It is a film that will make you think deeply about your own life journey.


I highly recommend Happiness to everyone. It will give you a new perspective on life that will stay with you long after you watch it.


Other amazing works of Steve Cuts include Man, The Walk Home, Man 2020, The Turning Point, What a Hunt, Argument, and many others. He’s one of the most respected animators that I admire today.

5. Brief Disagreement

Steve Cuts is back again with another thought-provoking short film—A Brief Disagreement. It is his latest work so far on YouTube and is sure to leave a lasting impression on you.


Frankly speaking, I honestly can’t tell where to start from. Is it for the fact that this film was hand-drawn, “FRAME by FRAME!” Over the course of two good years? Or for the nail-biting message it conveys?


The level of detail is evident in every frame, and it helps to create a truly immersive experience.


The film’s message is clear: “HUMANS NEVER LEARN!”. We are constantly at war with one another, vying for supremacy and control, rather than peace. It’s a dark and disturbing truth, but is also one that we must face if we seek change.


I won’t give away any spoilers, but I must emphasize that this film is an emotionally charged journey through man’s diabolic past and despicable nature. Undeniably, it stands as a masterpiece deserving of utmost attention.


I highly recommend it to every sane person out there. It is a film that will challenge your view on humankind and will leave you a better person when done.

6. Cuerdas

“Cuerdas” is an emotional and heartwarming short film that will leave you feeling both inspired and moved. Directed by Pedro Solís García and released in 2013, the film tells the story of a young girl named María who befriends a boy named Nicolás, who has cerebral palsy. The film beautifully captures the innocence and compassion of childhood and shows how true friendship and acceptance can overcome any obstacle.


What makes “Cuerdas” stand out is its powerful message about the importance of inclusivity and the beauty of differences. The film’s message is conveyed through stunning animation and a poignant story that will stay with you long after the credits roll. “Cuerdas” has been praised by audiences and critics alike and has won numerous awards, including the Goya Award for Best Animated Short Film.


In addition to “Cuerdas”, Pedro Solís García has directed several other acclaimed short films, such as “El vendedor de humo” and “La Bruxa”. If you’re a fan of emotionally charged and beautifully crafted short films, then “Cuerdas” is not to be missed.

7. Who Are You?

Who Are You? is a thought-provoking animated short film that invites viewers to question the nature of identity and perception. Created by ShiShi Yamazaki, the film follows a character who is confronted with a series of mirrors that reflect different versions of themselves. As the character tries to make sense of these reflections, the film explores themes of self-discovery, personal growth, and the many layers of human identity.


One of the standout features of Who Are You? is its use of minimalist animation to convey complex ideas and emotions. With a simple colour palette and fluid, dreamlike visuals, the film creates a sense of otherworldly beauty that draws viewers in and keeps them engaged from beginning to end.


ShiShi Yamazaki is a talented animator known for her unique style and ability to create emotionally resonant stories with minimal dialogue. Who Are You? is just one of many amazing works in her portfolio, which includes other animated shorts like The Deep and The Whistle. Whether you’re a fan of animation, thought-provoking storytelling, or just great art in general, Who Are You? is definitely worth checking out.

8. Mom - A Mother, Missing Home

As the age-old saying goes, “You only realize the true value of something when it’s gone,” and this short film beautifully captures that sentiment.


Take a look at the comment below.

Mom – A Mother, Missing Home is a powerful and emotionally charged short film that delves into the universal themes of motherly love, family, and past-life memories.


With pinpoint precision, it chronicles the life of a devoted single mother, from the early years of caring for her young daughter to her bittersweet days of old age, highlighting the unbreakable bond between them.


It is a testament to the beauty and fragility of life, and a powerful reminder of the profound impact our families and memories have on who we are.


No jokes! This is a film that you simply cannot afford to skip.

9. Fuelled

Take solace in “Fuelled” – a touching and award-winning animated short film from 2021. The film follows the story of a grieving housewife seeking revenge for her late husband but ultimately shows that vengeance is not the answer to finding peace and happiness.


Using animal characters in a raw and nonverbal way, “Fuelled” effectively communicates its message to viewers. It serves as a reminder that giving in to the temptation of vengeance only leads to becoming a monster ourselves, worse than the person who wronged us.


If you are feeling the sting of betrayal and the urge to seek revenge, I highly recommend watching “Fuelled” for a poignant and thought-provoking perspective. Check out these comments on YouTube for further insights on this moving film.

10. One Small Step

Are you on the verge of giving up? Then One Small Step is for you. This animated short film will leave you both inspired and emotionally charged.


One Small Step is a touching and heartfelt story about a young girl named Luna who dreams of becoming an astronaut. The film follows her journey as she grows up with the loving support of her father.


The film beautifully captures the importance of parental care and love, and the impact it has on young minds. It also teaches us that while we pursue our dreams, we should never neglect our loved ones.


As Luna gets closer to achieving her dreams, she is faced with the reality that her father is ageing and their time together is limited. But eventually, she sadly chose her career over what really mattered.


In the end, One Small Step serves as a reminder to us that the ones we hold dear are the very embodiment of our earliest dreams. They are the greatest treasures we possess and our first gift from God.


Let these lessons sink in while you watch the film.

11. Here is the Plan

You know, life is like a journey with many stops along the way and one of the most important stops is the one where we choose to share our lives with that special someone. Here is the Plan is a Chile animated short film that beautifully captures the essence of this journey.


Directed by Fernanda Frick and financed by the National Council of Culture and Arts, this short film took almost two years of work and a talented team of 32 artists to bring to life. It had its World Premiere at Nashville International Film Festival and its national premiere at Festival Chilemonos 2017.


I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this short film to all couples/to-be couples out there.  It follows the story of a married cat-dog couple who share a common dream of opening their own bakery.


However, when their oven breaks, they have to postpone their dream to earn money and replace it. In the process of doing so, they begin to drift apart from their dream and from each other.


Here is the Plan teaches us to always cherish our relationships and never derail from the foundation that it was built on. It powerfully depicts how the pursuit of material wealth and success can possibly jeopardize even the most loving relationships.


This short film has taught me to value every moment spent with my loved ones and to never take them for granted. Tell me what you think in the comment section below.

12. A short animation about what love is [Love is in small things]

Life is full of little moments that define our relationships with our loved ones and this short film captures these moments in a beautiful and unique style. The creator of the film believes that love is often found in the little things we often overlook, and this is exactly what the film is about.


Told through soothing music and vibrant visuals, you explore the story of two couples deeply in love. It shows how they support each other in the tiniest matters, and how these little moments shape their relationship for the better. 


Unlike others on the list, it is a comedy; and will surely resonate with you, especially if you’re in a relationship.

13. Snack Attack

This short film was what taught me to never be in haste to jump to conclusions regarding people. Time and again, we are reminded of the value of understanding before judging, of kindness before anger, and of sharing before hoarding.


Snack Attack is a delightful short film that tells a relatable story of an elderly woman at a train station. After buying a cookie from a vending machine, she discovers a young man who’s sitting close to her taking bites from it. Without understanding the situation, she scolds him before leaving for her train, but later realises the mistake she had made.


While not being all that impressive in terms of visuals, Snack Attack will leave a lasting impact on you. From the young man’s perspective, It teaches us the importance of sharing and helping others regardless of whether they show gratitude for it.


On the other hand, that is from the old lady’s POV, it cautions us against haste judgements and to be more understanding and patient rather than the otherwise.


So take your time to watch this heartwarming film and let its message seep within.

14. One

You’re in no doubt worth more than what you think you are, and One is here to remind you of that. Produced by the MIT Institute of Design in 2018, this student-animated masterpiece delivers a powerful message about self-worth and perseverance.


The short film is a metaphor, using a one-rupee coin to represent us while emphasising the importance of self-confidence, self-trust, persistence, optimism, and positivity.


It trails through the journey of rejection and bullying faced by many today and encourages them based on the quote that:


The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.


If you can dream it, you can do it.


What I like about One, is its approach to uplifting those who may feel weak, unfortunate, disabled, disadvantaged, or disheartened. It encourages you to never give up, no matter the obstacles you face. And as someone who watched it, I can attest to its ability to boost one’s self-esteem and restore a positive outlook on life.


If you find yourself struggling with self-doubt or fear, One is the perfect pick-up call. It reminds us that we are capable of overcoming any challenge and that we are all worth more than we often give ourselves credit for.


So, take your time to watch this inspiring short film and let it replenish your strength and resilience. Because if everyone chooses to give up on life, then there would actually be nothing called life.

15. Under This Luminous Sky

Under This Luminous Sky is a relaxing short film that tells the story of two young friends in a magical institute. It follows their ambitions over the beyond and the lifelong dream they curtail.


Through their journey, the film beautifully portrays the true essence of friendship, sacrifice and the importance of supporting our loved ones in the pursuit of their dreams. It reminds us that true friendship is not just about holding onto one another out of selfishness, but also about being able to sacrifice when the time arises.


If you love fantasy, interesting and cliffhanger stories, then you should definitely check this one out.

16. Reimagination of Disney's short film's music: "Paperman" (2012)

Yeah, I know. Long title right? But don’t let that dissuade you from experiencing this extraordinary masterpiece. The short film tells the story of a man in love and his quest to win the heart of his beloved.


I won’t give away too much of the plot, as I don’t want to spoil the experience for you. But however, one thing I can’t help but point out is that the music in the film is just beyond this world. it’s soothing, heartwarming, emotional, nostalgic and everything in between.


The film is set in a black-and-white world, and it uses a unique blend of animation and live-action to tell its story.

It perfectly captures the atmosphere of love and accurately depicts what it feels like to be truly in love. If you are looking for a short film that will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, then Paperman is for you.

17. Parfum Fraise

Parfum Fraise is another outstanding masterpiece coming from the desk of our beloved Gobelin.


Seriously! The students of Gobelin never fail to amaze and inspire. Best Friends was an emotional rollercoaster, and this short film is no different. Where do they get these profound and thought-provoking plots? Well, I guess we’ll never know.


Parfum Fraise follows the story of a single father as he tries to raise his son while battling with the issues of his tragic past that threaten to resurface. Despite his efforts to outrun the consequences of his past life, it soon catches up with him and compels him into the very least right in front of the eyes of his own son.


Ultimately, Parfum Fraise imparts valuable lessons on the importance of living a blameless life, highlighting the long-lasting effects of violence and the enduring power of parental love.

18. Dinner For Few

Dinner for Few is a short film that is both heart-wrenching, thought-provoking, and scary. The film uses animals to represent the different classes of society, and it shows how the powerful and privileged often take advantage of the weak.


The film is reminiscent of Animal Farm by George Orwell, a classic story about the dangers of totalitarianism. In Dinner for Few, the pigs represent the ruling class, the cook represents time, the cats: “civilians”, and the tiger: “revolution”.


The short film is a powerful indictment of the way in which power is often misused by most leaders and their subject’s helplessness. It is a reminder that we should never take our freedom for granted, and that we should always be vigilant against those who would seek to exploit us.


The film also highlights the dark nature of humanity, which is sadly rooted in selfishness, greed, and prejudice. It is a warning about the dangers of allowing these negative qualities to take the stage in our society.


I highly recommend it to you despite your origin or race. It’s an eye-opening message and one that will invoke mixed feelings in you.


The film is pretty short, but still, powerful enough to cause a change and reassessment in our society. And it is a wake-up call to all who desire a just and equitable world.


I would also like to add that the film is quite scary in some parts, so it may not be suitable for everyone. However, I believe that its message is more paramount to the mortal visuals it embodies.


☆The Walk Home

☆Are You Lost In The World Like Me

19. Wings

Wings is a heartwarming animated short film that tells the story of an unlikely friendship between a mouse and a bird.


The film teaches us that we should not judge others based on their differences, but rather celebrate our unique abilities and help each other reach our full potential.


The mouse in the film has always dreamed of flying, but he is unable to do so on his own. The bird, on the other hand, can fly but is unable to —. The two animals form a friendship and help each other overcome their limitations. The mouse teaches the bird how to —, and the bird teaches the mouse how to fly.


The film shows us that our differences can actually make up our strengths. The mouse’s ability to — helps the bird to stay afloat, and the bird’s ability to fly helps the mouse to reach new heights. The two animals learn to rely on each other and help each other to achieve their goals.


The film also teaches us the importance of friendship. The mouse and the bird are very different, but they become best friends because they accept each other for who they are. They help each other to grow and learn, and they make each other’s lives better.


The film ends with the mouse and the bird flying together. They have overcome their differences and achieved their dreams because of their friendship and perseverance.


Altogether, Wings is a reminder that we should not judge others based on their differences but rather, celebrate our unique abilities and help each other in reaching our full potential.


We can all learn from the mouse and the bird and build friendships that will help us to learn and grow into our best versions.

20. The Gift

For the couples out there, I got another treat for you. The Gift follows two young couples in an imbalanced relationship, highlighting the importance of mutual effort and shared experiences in a relationship.


The film shows how a bond can only be sustained if it is equally shared, and not just nurtured by a single partner. It highlights the need for shared attention in relationships and its importance.


One of the key messages of The Gift is that we should never view relationships as a comfort zone. In the real sense, a relationship is like a stepping stone and negotiating panel. We must be willing to step down a bit and sacrifice some of our ideologies/traits/beliefs for our partners. And they must also be willing to do the same.


If this is not seen to, then the relationship will definitely suffer and eventually succumb to its demise.


The Gift is a wake-up call to those in a relationship, reminding us that love is not just about sacrificing everything for someone else, but rather, finding a balance point at which both partners can be happy.

It encourages us to not always receive love, but to also actively participate in building a strong and growing bond with our partner.

21. The Box

Man, I’m almost in tears right now. Not because of The Box, but for the fact that it reminds me of “Grave of the Fireflies”.


The Box follows the happy life of a kid which alters instantly with the sudden war and pushes him into a state of struggle. The war changes not only his life but also the role his box plays; first as a carefully built toy house, then as a place to take shelter in a refugee camp, and finally, as a boat that sails for a journey towards hope.


The Box has so far been screened at over 240 film festivals in 52 different countries and won 44 awards worldwide. It’s heartwarming and inspirational.

22. Gas Light

Gaslight is a student CG-animated short comedy about a messy breakup between a smoker, Ryan, and his girlfriend, a sentient lighter named El. Unfortunately for Ryan, El does not take heartbreak well, and Ryan must do all he can to keep this relationship from ending in literal flames.


The movie showcases the challenges faced by addicts in their attempts to quit their habits. It highlights how society tends to judge and view them as if they never intended to quit, despite the immense difficulty they face. The below comment perfectly explains this theme.

best animated short films

23. Let’s Eat

Let’s Eat is an 8-minute animated short film that explores the complex relationship between a mother and daughter in a Chinese-American immigrant family. The film aims to convey a universal message through an Asian-American perspective.


Ma, a single parent, devotes her life to raising Luan in a foreign land. As Luan grows up, their once-close bond begins to dwindle due to the challenges of daily life. However, the duo reconnects over cooking, using food as a means to bridge the gap between them.


The film delves into themes of mother-daughter relationships, the immigrant experience in America, and the expression of love through food. These familiar topics are presented through a unique lens that is often overlooked in mainstream media, providing a brand new perspective to it.

24. Umbrella

Umbrella is a 3D animated short film that draws inspiration from true events and weaves together themes of empathy and hope. The film follows the story of Joseph, a young boy who lives in an orphanage and longs for a yellow umbrella of his own.


As Joseph navigates the challenges of life in the orphanage, he holds on to his dream of owning a yellow umbrella. The umbrella symbolises hope and the promise of brighter days ahead. Joseph’s yearning for the umbrella is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the power of hope to carry us through even the toughest of times.


The film is a celebration of the vitality of memories, love, and friendship. Through his journey, Joseph learns that true companionship can be found in unexpected places and that love can transcend even the most difficult circumstances.


The messages of empathy and hope at the heart of the film resonate deeply, offering a poignant reminder of the importance of kindness, compassion, and connection in our lives.


Umbrella is a touching and inspiring story that speaks to the universal human experience of longing, loss, and the power of hope to carry us forward.


Through its stunning visuals and heartfelt storytelling, the film leaves a lasting impression on audiences of all ages, reminding us of the transformative power of love, friendship, and the resilience of the human spirit.

25. CHARGE - Blender Open Movie

Charge is a short film set in a world where energy is scarce. The story follows an elderly man who breaks into a battery factory to retrieve spare parts for his dying robot friend. However, the mission takes an unexpected turn when he is confronted by a fierce security droid.


The film offers a poignant lesson on the power of sacrifice and the importance of bonds that bring out bravery without condition. The elderly man’s unwavering commitment to his friend, and the risks he is willing to take, highlight the significance of human connection and the strength it can provide in even the most challenging situations.


Charge is a visually stunning and captivating short film with a lasting imprint. It reminds us of the power of empathy, compassion, and selflessness. The film’s message is an essential reminder of the human spirit’s resilience and the importance of nurturing the bonds that connect us all.


Coffin is a powerful short film that offers a stark portrayal of the unbearable conditions that less-privileged Asians face in their miniature apartments. Set in the heart of an overcrowded city, the film presents a raw and unflinching look at the harsh reality of life of those living in poverty.


The story follows a struggling young man as he’s forced to make decisions about his future in the face of insurmountable odds. It is a true story and is one that must be taken seriously.


Through poignant storytelling and gripping visuals, Coffin serves as a wake-up call to the pressing issue of poverty and social inequality that continues to plague our world today.

27. Chateau de Sable (Sand Castle)

A short film about sand castles that goes beyond imagination. Chateau de Sable, a captivating animated short film, tells the story of soldiers tasked with safeguarding a precious pearl in the midst of a vast desert. However, their mission is threatened by a colossal creature set on stealing the priceless gem.


The film has received widespread acclaim, having been nominated for 12 awards and winning three, while also being broadcasted on Canal+ and featured at Futuroscope Park. With its stunning visuals, thrilling plot, and imaginative world-building, Chateau de Sable is a must-see for fans of the animated genre.

28. Sprite Fight

The 13th open movie from Blender Studio, Sprite Fight, deserves more recognition. What makes this short film particularly noteworthy is that it was created entirely using the open-source software “Blender”.


Sprite Fight is an 80s-inspired horror-comedy set in Britain. It follows a group of raucous teenagers who venture into a secluded forest and stumble upon peaceful mushroom creatures. Unfortunately, their disrespectful behaviour towards nature unleashes an unexpected turn of events that changes everything.


Released on October 29, 2021, Sprite Fight serves as a showcase of the power of Blender 3.0. As dedicated users of Blender ourselves, SpizyTrends considers this film to be particularly special. We are passionate about spreading the gospel of Blender to aspiring 3D artists. If you want to see more open movies created by Blender Studios, be sure to check them out on YouTube.

#29 & 30. Extras

Okay, I know that these films are not animated but I decided to include them anyways. They are nice YouTube short films that I think you should also watch. Please trust me on this! you won’t regret doing so.


And for #29 and #30, let’s just assume these to be them.

Conclusion 🙂

And that’s all we have for you today. If you enjoyed your time here, please feel free to follow us on our social media platforms so you don’t miss out when we post.

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best animated short films

best animated short films

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Idehen Ebenezer

Idehen Ebenezer

Ebenezer, aka "Johnwaxon", is a freelance writer, chess player, aspiring programmer, and CG Artist. His ardent love for video games is what compels him to write engaging content for others who share the same interest. He specialises in the gaming, software, film, and entertainment niche.

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